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Emergency Management Training Exercise on Wednesday

Paris police and EMSDon’t be alarmed on Wednesday afternoon if you see a large number of police cars, fire trucks or EMS vehicles at the Love Civic Center. They will be part of the “Emergency Management and Healthcare Conference”, which is an emergency preparedness exercise.

The exercise is an emergency operations exercise sponsored by the Northeast Texas Regional Advisory Council (NETRAC) serving Trauma Service Area “F”, Ark-Tex Council of Governments (ATCOG), serving a nine county area in northeast Texas, and the Emergency Medical Task Force – 4 (EMTF-4) serving Trauma Service Area “F” and Trauma Service Area “G” (the Tyler region). The exercise includes deployment of the NETRAC Ambulance Strike Team, EMTF-4 Registered Nurse Strike Team, EMTF-4 Ambus, the EMTF-2 Ambus, and the NETRAC 28-bed Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), to include a medical surge response and all-hazard response system. The exercise will give participants an opportunity to evaluate organizational performance of current emergency preparedness response plans and capabilities for an incident impacting our nine county region. The exercise will focus on key responder coordination, critical decisions, and integration of assets necessary to save lives and protect the public during a catastrophic incident.

The exercise will take place on Wednesday, February 26th, at Love Civic Center in Paris, Texas, from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM.

Exercise Scenario:    A class of nursing students and instructors from Paris Junior College travel by bus to the Northeast Texas Emergency Preparedness and Healthcare Conference. While in transport a mentally unstable male student, who has recently been discharged from the nursing program, takes the students and instructors on the bus hostage. As the student pulls out his weapon (gun), the bus driver jerks causing the bus to swerve. The gun discharges causing a bullet to hit the bus driver. The bus driver loses control resulting in a broadside collision (T-Bone collision) with an oncoming car. Approximately 25 students, 2-3 instructors, and several law enforcement personnel will be impacted as victims.

The training exercise will commence when the response efforts begin as local law enforcement take control of the scene, and request assistance from the necessary emergency responders (i.e. Fire, SWAT, Police, EMS, as well as Emergency Management officials). All regional medical response officials will be dispatched by the emergency communications center (911).

Because of the scale of the impact, the regional Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) will be deployed to provide emergency and trauma care to victims (the MMU will already be on display with appropriate trained staff to assist). The scenario concludes with more severe patients being transported by both air and ground EMS to Paris Regional Medical Center and Titus Regional Medical Center. Less severe patients will be transported by ground EMS Units to the NETRAC Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) to be seen on-site by trained medical personnel operating in the MMU. Once patients are evaluated in the MMU, those needing further care will be transported to other regional hospitals (East Texas Medical Center – Clarksville and Hopkins County Memorial Hospital), and all others will be discharged home.

“One of NETRAC’s, ATCOG’s, and EMTF-4’s main goals is to ensure the citizens and medical community of our region are prepared when it comes to both natural and man-made disasters,” Shae Watson, Executive Director of NETRAC said. “We are extremely excited to partner and exercise with ATCOG, EMTF-4, and local and regional medical and emergency response agencies, while allowing the citizens in the western part of our region to see the support our organization can make available to them in the event of a disaster.”

The Public is invited to tour the Mobile Medical Unit along with the complete display of emergency response vehicles and units on Monday, February 24th beginning at 5:00 pm.