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Businesses open doors for the 2012 Art Walk - Holiday in Paris - December 1

Art Walk 2012 for Holiday in Paris will be Saturday, December 1st, from 5 to 9pm!

The Lighted Christmas Parade circling our beautiful downtown will start at 6pm, and for those shoppers, there will be many opportunities before the parade to walk around downtown and visit businesses displaying FINE ART.

Those businesses involved will have doors open and art spread throughout their stores for locals and travelers to view — turning our downtown into a large ‘fine art gallery’.

There is still time for businesses to sign up and display an artist’s work.  Whether you know an artist locally, or from out of town, if you would like to showcase their artwork, you can participate free of charge.  The idea is to bring people into your store.

If you would like to sign your business up for the 2012 Art Walk, just call Cheri Bedford at 903-784-9293 or Becky Semple at 903-784-2501.

Several businesses have already joined the party and many more are expected to.

Those that have already signed up are listed below.

LAMO Comedy

Girls and Cake

Plaza Art Gallery

That Guys Coffee

Green Boutique

Two Rivers Antiques

Lillian Kelley’s

Itsy Bitsy Spider


Downtown shops and stores will offer light refreshments to go along with the fine art they’ve chosen to display.  As stated, the idea is to attract people into your business.

Each business that is participating will have a map that shows where the ART WALK goes.

This event is a lot of fun and a popular part of our Holiday in Paris!