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Trinity Christian Academy: a faith based education

photo“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” — Proverbs 22:6

Often referred to as the Book of Wisdom, this verse from Proverbs offers the foundation that makes up the vision of the Trinity Christian Academy.

As a nondenominational private school, Trinity Christian offers grades K-12th and seeks to develop the whole child — academically, spiritually, emotionally and physically through an educational format utilizing both, individualized parental involvement and trained class room instruction.

The classes are taught by skilled instructors, using the nationally recognized ABeka ‘Scope & Sequence’ curriculum.

Trinity Christian Academy was founded in 2002 by a Board of Directors with a vision to offer a Christian-based academic program, preparing each student for college and the difficulties of life.

For the purpose of fairness and unity to each student, TCA does not promote or endorse any particular denomination.  In the institutions program it states, ‘We desire to remain united in the salvation and love of Christ, avoiding any dissension, which may be caused by denominational distinctions.’

photo 4While TCA does stand to be a highly involved student learning facility, they encourage constant and strong parental relationships with each child throughout the time of their education.  The Bible states, ‘Parents are commanded to rear their children for God’s glory by bringing them up in training and discipline of the Lord.’

And in a quote by famous American reformer and writer, Frederick Douglass, he says, ‘It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.’

According to the TCA Program, parents are the single most influential factor in a child’s academic performance, and in the emotional, social and spiritual development of the child.  Their educational model depends upon direct and consistent parental involvement.

Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions asked by those interested in enrolling students into Trinity Christian Academy.  These are found on the TCA brochure.

Is Trinity Christian Academy Accredited?

  • Yes.   Currently we are a member of the most respected accrediting organization for Christian schools, the Association of Christian Schools International.  Students who have graduated from Trinity Christian Academy have been accepted at colleges and universities based on their SAT and ACT scores. 

Can we afford to educate our children at a private school?

  • The excellence of our curriculum and teaching staff, and the affordable tuition, provides your student with the best value in private education.  Our tuition and fees are low compared to other comparable private schools.  We have developed several methods for helping our families financially.  Our tuition can be payable monthly from August through May, or in a lump sum annually.  Our book fees are due in June so they will not conflict with tuition payment.  We offer a significant family discount, when more than one child from a family is attending Trinity.  We offer tuition scholarships based on family financial resources. 

photo 5How do we apply for a scholarship?

  • Application packets are available at the school office – 2060 FM 79, Paris, Texas.  We contract with a private firm who handles the assessment process.  This allows you to submit the requested personal financial data directly.  There is a small application fee.  Applications may be submitted online or through the mail.   Online applications take approximately three days to process.  The school administrator will inform you in writing of the final decision on your scholarship application.  Scholarships, which are granted for a school year, are posted to your financial account monthly, as is tuition.

Are TCA students required to wear uniforms?

  • We do not currently require our students to wear uniforms.  We have developed a Dress Code, which both students and parents sign off on annually.  It is our expectation that parents will carefully monitor the dress of students to ensure it is appropriate and within the guidelines of TCA.

Trinity Christian Academy is directed by Dr. Gary Ballard.  If you would like more information, you may contact him at (903) 785-9557.

According to Dr. Ballard, he is excited to say that Trinity Christian Academy is growing.  They are currently in the process of developing some land for sports facilities and more classrooms.  Once the construction is complete TCA will be roughly ten acres.  They do currently have different age group, competing sports teams, but are working to have more to offer.

Keep an eye on the Extra for more TCA news and information.  We are happy to welcome them to our ‘Schools’ section of the eParis Extra!

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