Lamar County Sheriff wishes everyone a Happy New Year

Lamar County Sheriff Scott Cass

Lamar County Sheriff Scott Cass

Lamar County Sheriff Scott Cass was happy to report that there were no accidents or DWI arrests on New Year’s Eve in Lamar County. It was a quiet New Year’s Eve night with few incidents occurring.

A statement from Cass reads, “I am glad that folks had a good time on New Year’s Eve and were responsible and safe while doing it.  I am also thankful that our law enforcement who were out in full force were safe, and our Lamar County Volunteer Fire Departments and First Responders got a little time to rest and spend with their families.  Please continue to be safe through this holiday period.  Don’t drink and drive.  Have a plan; a designated driver, someone you can call, or utilize Dylan’s Driver’s, who are doing a great job keeping possibly impaired drivers off the roadway, which reduces accidents and the tragedies, that are many times associated with them.   The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to be safe and have a Happy and blessed New Year.”

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