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That Was the Night that the Lights Went Out in Louisiana

eParis Extra Columnist & Sports Editor, Greg Higgins

Here we are a week removed from the Super Bowl, and I have a question for you. “Who won the game?” Perhaps before I ask the question I should back up and explain why the question was asked.

Friday before the Super Bowl I left on a church trip as a chaperone. We took approximately 30 teenagers to Arlington for the weekend. Knowing the Super Bowl was being played on Sunday and unsure of the exact time we would be home, I set the DVR to record the game. I knew halftime would be longer, and there would be more commercials so I set it to record for four hours.

The weekend was a success and the teenagers had a great time. We got back to the church on Sunday around 5:45. The game had already started so I went inside the church for Sunday evening service. I walked in and made sure everyone knew I was recording the game and that I was not against bodily harm if anyone told me the score or anything about the game. Hoping that somehow I could get home without knowing anything that happened, I would be able watch the game as if I were watching it live. I turned my cell phone off because I didn’t want any updates from friends, twitter, or mobile apps.

Service ended and I quickly made my way out the door and (literally) ran to the car before anyone could talk to me. When I arrived home, it was approximately 7:30 and I had no idea what was happening during the game. I sat down for the game and pressed play. It was perfect. Jim Nance and Phil Sims were talking about the game before kickoff and giving their predictions on what needed to happen for either the Ravens or 49ers to win. I had my predictions and hopes. I wanted the 49ers to win, but I had told everyone I thought the Ravens would win by a score of 27 – 24.

The first half was unlike anything I or anyone else could have possibly imagined. The Ravens took a commanding lead. The 49ers players and coaches looked lost and confused. The Ravens were faster and executed the offense perfectly. Nobody could have seen the 21 – 6 halftime score.

While Beyonce sang and danced, I pressed fast forward on the DVR remote. I had to see the adjustments made by the 49ers so they could get back into this game. Of course, at this time I’m concerned with how lopsided the score is going to turn out. Most of America already knew the final score, but I’m living two hours behind right now. The second half started with a bang for Baltimore. In less than 10 seconds, Jacoby Jones had returned the 49ers kick 108 yards to extend the Baltimore lead to 28 – 6. The game was all but over, right? I was contemplating whether or not to fast forward through some of the game because it was almost getting boring.

Something happened, though, that was unexpected. The Super Dome in New Orleans lost power. Not the whole Super Dome, but only half of it. Nobody knew what happened, and nobody understood. All we knew was that there was no power. Since I was recording the game, I decided to fast forward. At first I was fascinated. However, my fascination quickly faded as the delay got longer and longer. Finally, 35 minutes later, the game resumed. However, I started doing the math. I realized I may have a problem. I didn’t calculate a power outage when I figured up how long I should record the game.

The delay seemed to help the 49ers, or at least that’s what the conspiracy theorists will tell you. They came roaring back. In about 20 minutes of game time, they had cut the lead from 28 – 6 to 31 – 29. The score would have been tied, but the referees appeared to blow an offsides call on Ed Reed when the 49ers tried for a 2 point conversion. Reed got to quarterback Colin Kaepernick as soon as he was about to throw it and the conversion failed.

After a Ravens field goal, the 49ers had the ball with less than 4 minutes to play. They trailed by five and needed a touchdown to win. Kaepernick moved his team down the field. With about 2:30 left, they got the ball down to the Ravens eight yard line. The 49ers took a timeout. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I was excited. This should be a thrilling finish.

It was about this time, that the dreaded message came across my TV screen. The DVR message that says “End of Recording: Delete or Keep”. My jaw hit the floor. I had forgotten about the delay. I had forgotten about the extra time needed. I sat there for a few minutes in shock. The Super Bowl is over and I missed the last 2:30 of the game. I had no idea who won the game. I felt cheated. I felt abandoned. The greatest sporting event of the year and I felt robbed. How could this happen?

So I sit here a week removed from the Super Bowl and I ask you again, “Who won the game?”

by Greg Higgins

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