North Lamar JV Tournament Results

NL LOGONorth Lamar     – 47

MP Chapel Hill  - 35

Scoring for Panthers:
Aaron Ables 9; Johnathon Edwards 8; Grayson Smith 6; Kyle Dunmon 6; Grant Erickson 6; Julique Franklin 5; Stephon Bass 4; Cameron Dickey 3
North Lamar – 50
Mt. Vernon   – 18
Scoring for Panthers:
Grayson Smith 6; Kyle Dunmon 6; Ty Dillard 6; Stephon Bass 6; Julique Franklin 5; Andrew Exum 4, Hunter Love 4; Johnathon Edwards 3; Cameron Dickey 2; Ross Denman 2; Grant Erickson 2; Klayton Drake 2; Aaron Ables 2
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