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Paris SWAT frees woman, arrests man who held knife to her throat

Jorge Miranda

Paris SWAT team officers rescued a woman and her children and took into custody a man who was holding a knife to her throat Thursday evening in her residence in the 700 block of Northeast 32nd Street.

Trained hostage negotiators talked Jorge Miranda, 30, into releasing the woman, after which police officers and SWAT members — with physical force and pepper spray — took him down during a struggle. In the fight, Hundley said, a SWAT officer received a laceration to the hand which required sutures.

Police were alerted to the situation by a 9-1-1 call about 7 p.m. from a child reporting a man in the house holding a knife to his throat.

“When officers arrived, they found that the situation had escalated,” Police Chief Bob Hundley said.

“The man was now holding an adult female with an arm around her throat while holding a large knife against his throat. The suspect had moved himself and the hostage into a bathroom and was using the hostage for cover,” the police chief said.

“While one officer began the process to talk the suspect down, the other officer picked up one child that was lying on a bed next to the bathroom and after locating another child, still on 9-1-1 with dispatch, removed the children from the residence, securing them with another officer in a patrol car outside.”

Officers continued to talk with the suspect while an on-duty trained hostage negotiator was called to the scene along with the department SWAT unit.

“Once the first negotiator was on scene, he took over the conversation with the suspect. The suspect had arrived unannounced and an argument ensued. This was when he put the knife to his throat,” Hundley said. “This is when the child called 9-1-1.”

It turned out the man and woman had a prior relationship, Hundley said.

A second negotiator arrived on scene as well as the SWAT unit. The negotiators were able to talk the suspect into letting go of the hostage at which time she was pulled from the room and escorted out of the residence. 

The injured officer was treated and released at the emergency room at Paris Regional Medical Center, Hundley said.

Paris EMS also transported the suspect to the hospital emergency room. After receiving treatment, Miranda was booked into the city jail for felony aggravated assault of a family member, felony unlawful restraint and resisting arrest.

It was apparent to officers that the suspect was impaired with alcohol or other substances which only made the situation more dangerous, Hundley said.

Neither the woman  nor her two children were injured seriously, Hundley said.

The day had been an otherwise routine day for Paris police until the 9-1-1 call came in at 7:11 p.m., the police chief said. Police officers responded to 104 calls, resulting in three arrests.

By Charles Richards, eParisExtra

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