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Sheriff's office increases charges on burglary suspect after locating stolen property

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man last week allegedly responsible for two residential burglaries in southeastern Lamar County, where numerous property items were taken after the homes were broken into during daytime hours.

Loren Dean Jenkins
Loren Dean Jenkins

Over the last week, sheriff’s detectives investigated the burglaries and arrested Loren Dean Jenkins, 42, for burglary of a habitation. After a search of a residence where he was staying later in the week turned up numerous items of stolen property from one of the residential burglaries, the sheriff’s office gained two additional felony theft warrants on Jenkins, according to Lamar County Sheriff Scott Cass.

Prior to the arrest last week, shortly after one of the residences had been broken into, a citizen gave sheriff detectives information on a white male observed carrying items from the residence and loading them into a red Ford truck. Detectives gained further details describing the truck and a BOLO (Be on the Look Out) alert was sent out to neighboring law enforcement agencies.

Shortly before midnight on March 25, a vehicle matching the description of the suspect truck was observed in the 3800 block of Lamar Ave. by an officer of the Paris Police Department. Sheriff deputies arrived to the scene and took Jenkins into custody for burglary of a habitation after information gained at the scene and property recovered from the vehicle matched the description of stolen items from one of the residential burglaries under investigation.

Following the arrest, detectives served a search warrant at a residence in the Howland community where Jenkins had been staying with family members. During the search, numerous property items were recovered that were identified by one of the victims from the other residential burglary under investigation. The two additional felony theft warrants were then gained, increasing the charges on Jenkins to felony theft of property (>=$1500 <$20K) and felony theft of a firearm.

In addition to searching the residence that Jenkins was staying at, sheriff detectives are also in the process of filing for seizure of the vehicle that was used in the commission of the crimes.

Sheriff detectives are asking anyone that has bought or received stolen property from this individual to please contact the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division at (903) 737-2400.

“The sheriff’s office is also reminding citizens to be vigilant in their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to their local law enforcement,” Sheriff Cass said. “Citizen involvement in this case was instrumental in the apprehension of the suspect.”

Jenkins was arraigned and is being held in the Lamar County Jail on bonds for all three charges totaling $120,000.

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