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With the holidays approaching, Police remind citizens to Lock, Take, Hide

Over the past month, the Paris Police Department has responded to 28 calls for service regarding items being stolen from vehicles.  Items stolen were left in plain sight in the vehicle in all of these cases, with the exception of one.

Only one involved a theft of an item that was not visible from outside the car, and only three of the vehicles were locked at the time of the crime.

With the holidays approaching and with the rise in shopping activity, the department would like to remind our citizens of the importance of LOCKING your car, TAKING your keys, and HIDING any belongings in the car.  The trunk is a great place to store items if the vehicle has one.

Taking extra precautions may be time consuming and an inconvenience, but not near the problem of losing the items completely.

“Most thieves are looking for an easy target and an easy opportunity.  Please don’t give them one,” remarked Chief Hundley.

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