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Guest Artist's Vividly Painted Animals at PJC's Foyer Gallery

pjc artDepicting the dynamism and vibrant vitality of the natural world is the goal of artist Avery Kelly, whose works will be on display at the Foyer Gallery April 1-18.

“Recently, my work addresses animal life,” said Kelly. “I want the viewers to sense a compelling relationship between themselves and the animal(s), and also among the animals within the painting. My hope is that the animals in these paintings express themselves as individuals who carry their own characteristics, perspectives, aims, and decisions throughout daily life in the ways that they interact with each other and the viewer.

“I am interested in how the unique worlds of different species or individual animals overlap in certain instances. While each species has its own way of approaching the world, there are particular moments when individuals of different species may be mentally engaged in a way that relates to one another. For example, badgers and coyotes are known to hunt together as a team.”

The artist explains that she works quickly with both brush and palette knife to infuse a sense of motion and force in her work. She chooses colors that to her embody a primordial, intense energy she hopes will convey the power and mystery in nature.

For more information about the exhibit, call 903-782-0438.

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