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Dates for 2013 Region XIV basketball tournament changed to Tuesday-Saturday, March 5-9


The dates of the Region XIV junior college basketball tournament have been moved up by one day,

Instead of beginning on Wednesday, March 6, and concluding on Sunday, March 10, the regional tournament will begin on Tuesday, March 5, and wrap up on Saturday, March 9 at the Herrington Patriot Center at University of Texas-Tyler.

The tournament bracket, as distributed by Region XIV officias, was first shown to show the site as Tyler Junior College, as in 2012. However, the 2013 tournament will be played at the Herrington Patriot Center on the University of Texas-Tyler campus, as in 2011.

NJCAA LOGOIn a letter to Region 14 basketball athletic directors and coaches, Tyler athletic director Tim Drain, who is also coordinator for Region 14 women sports, wrote:

“The change is a result of a decision by the National Junior College Athletic Association that says: “The District Tournaments for both the men and women must be completed by the second Saturday prior to the start of the National Championship.”

The national tournament is in Hutchinson, Kan., from Tuesday, March 19, through Saturday, March 23, which means the regional tournaments must conclude by Saturday, March 9.

Drain also attached a reminder of the tie-breaker procedures (same as 2012) that will be used to determine the seeds for the regional tournament, as follows:

On the men’s side, due to the Lon Morris situation, each zone is back at 7 teams each. Therefore, the 2013 tournament will be seeded and played in the exact same format as previous years.

The top two teams from the North and the top two teams from the South will be guaranteed seeds. They will be seeded 1-4, using the tiebreaking procedures.

The top 12 teams, regardless of zone, will make the tournament. As described in the tiebreaker procedure, all 12 teams will be ranked 1-12 for tiebreak procedures, regardless of zone.


 Region XIV Post-Season Tie Breaker (Basketball Zones):

The following post-season tiebreaker will be used to determine placement in the play-offs.  Approved on February 23, 2009. (Adjusted on February 5, 2013 to reflect deletion of Lon Morris and addition of Coastal Bend)

For tiebreaking purposes only, all teams will be ranked in order (based upon winning percentage of Region 14 conference games) from No. 1 through No. 12.

Tiebreakers – The first criteria in the breaking of ties in the standings shall be head-to-head competition of tied teams. The following procedure will be used to establish the championship seeds if ties exist. (For tiebreaking procedures teams will be grouped in two zones based upon established guidelines. Bossier Parish, Panola, Paris, Kilgore, Tyler, Trinity Valley, and Navarro are in one division and Coastal Bend, Jacksonville, Angelina, Blinn, Lee, San Jacinto, and Lamar-Port Arthur.)

  • If two teams are tied and they are from different zones, the winner of the game between the two tied teams      shall be the higher seed.
  • (b) If two teams are tied and they are from the same zones, the team with an advantage in head-to-head competition shall be the higher seed.
  • (c) If two teams remain tied, there will be a comparison of overall record against zone teams only (12 zone games).
  • (d) If two teams remain tied, there will be a comparison of record against the highest ranked team(s) (based upon Region 14 Conference games winning percentage) in the zone and proceeding through in order of zone record.
  • (e) If two teams remain tied, there will be a comparison of record against the highest ranked team(s)      (based upon Region 14 Conference games winning percentage) in the opposite zone and proceeding through in order of zone record.
  • (f) If two teams remain tied, the higher seed will be chosen by draw.
  • (g) If three or more teams are tied, ties among zone opponents will be broken first by using steps (b) through (f) and the head-to-head results will be used to break ties between non-zone teams. When three or more teams from the same zone are tied step (b) will consist of a mini-round robin among the tied teams. At any point during the process of breaking ties among three or more teams that the number of tied teams are reduced to two, head-to-head competition would be used as the primary tie-breaker, followed-by steps (c) through (f).

Note: When breaking ties, the procedure will start at the top of the division and move down. As ties are broken, the completed tiebreak results will be used.  For example, if two teams are tied for fifth and two teams are tied for first, the tiebreaking procedures listed above will determine seeds one and two.  Those seeds will then potentially used in that order to break the fifth place tie.

Draw — In the event tiebreaking procedures are unsuccessful and a draw is necessary in determining seeding, the following procedure will be used:

  • The drawing will be conducted in public or with media attendance
  • (b) Institutions involved in  the drawing have the right to have a local representative in attendance at the drawing
  • (c) A single slip of paper with names representing each of the tied institutions will be placed into a container and will be drawn in order of seeding from highest (#1) to lowest (#12)

Region XIV Basketball Championship Tournament

March 5-9, 2013

Herrington Patriot Center

University of Texas-Tyler

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 (Men’s First Round Games)

Game 1 – 1:00:  Men’s First Round – #8 vs. #9

Game 2 – 3:00:  Men’s First Round – #5 vs. #12

Game 3 – 6:00:  Men’s First Round – #7 vs. #10

Game 4 – 8:00:  Men’s First Round – #6 vs. #11

Wednesday, March 6, 2013 (Women’s Quarterfinal Games)

Game 5 – 1:00:  Women’s Quarterfinal – #1 vs. #8

Game 6 – 3:00:  Women’s Quarterfinal – #4 vs. #5

Game 7 – 6:00:  Women’s Quarterfinal – #2 vs. #7

Game 8 – 8:00:  Women’s Quarterfinal – #3 vs. #6

Thursday, March 7, 2013 (Men’s Quarterfinal Games)

Game 9 – 1:00:  Men’s Quarterfinal – #1 vs. Game 1 Winner

Game 10 – 3:00:  Men’s Quarterfinal – #4 vs. Game 2 Winner

Game 11 – 6:00:  Men’s Quarterfinal – #2 vs. Game 3 Winner

Game 12 – 8:00:  Men’s Quarterfinal – #3 vs. Game 4 Winner

Friday, March 8, 2013 (Men’s and Women’s Semifinal Games)

Game 13 – 1:00:  Women’s Semifinal – Game 5 Winner vs. Game 6 Winner

Game 14 – 3:00:  Women’s Semifinal – Game 7 Winner vs. Game 8 Winner

Game 15 – 6:00:  Men’s Semifinal – Game 9 Winner vs. Game 10 Winner

Game 16 – 8:00:  Men’s Semifinal – Game 11 Winner vs. Game 12 Winner

Saturday, March 9, 2013 (Men’s and Women’s Championship Games)

(game times tentative pending UT-Tyler and conference approval)

Game 17 – 3:00 Women’s Championship – Game 13 Winner vs. Game 14 Winner

Game 18 – 6:00: Men’s Championship – Game 15 Winner vs. Game 16 Winner

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