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Lamar County Republican Party announces 2014 county convention plans

John Kruntorad
John Kruntorad

John Kruntorad, chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party, has announced that the 2014 Lamar County Republican Party convention will be held on Saturday, March 22, in the Lamar County Courthouse.

The convention will begin at 9 a.m. in the district courtroom on the second floor of the courthouse.

Party conventions are held on even-numbered election years as part of the statewide and national party process.

“The purpose of the convention is to choose celegates and alternates to the Republican Party of Texas state Convention scheduled for June 5-7, 2014, in Fort Worth, and to consider resolutions or statements on policy issues for eventual inclusion in the state and national party platform,” Kruntorad said.

All attendees have the right to seek to become a state delegate and to bring forth resolutions for consideration by the convention, he said.

The Lamar County Republican Party;s precinct conventions were held on March 6, at which time attendees elected precinct delegates to the county convention.

“The attendees also drafted 17 resolutions to be presented at the county convention, Kruntorad said.

“All county convention attendees will be seated by precinct and will vote their precinct strength. Furthermore, all attendees have the right to seek to become a state delegate and to bring forth resolutions for consideration by the convention,” Kruntorad said.

The convention will be open to any registered voter who either voted in the 2014 Republican Primary or who signs an oath of affiliation identifying himself/herself as a Republican. However, only credentialed Delegates elected at the Precinct Conventions will have voting rights.

On behalf of our county party, I invite all interested Lamar County Republicans to join us on Saturday, March 22, To participate in or observe the important discussions and decisions that will carry forward to our state Republican convention and beyond,” Kruntorad said.

He said anyone with questions related to the 2014 Republican Party state convention process may get more information at the state Republican Party website at As an additional resource, the Republican Party of Texas stands ready to answer any questions related to the 2014 Republican Party of Texas Convention process. More convention information is available at the RPT website

For other questions, contact Kruntorad at 903.784.5800 or by email at

More information can also be found at the Lamar County GOP website at

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