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City begins work on voter information for upcoming $45 million bond election

City manager John Godwin said the city staff will put together a brochure or pamphlet of some kind to educate voters in advance of the city’s $45 million bond election on May 11 for on replacement of the city’s deteriorating infrastructure.

Asked by Mayor AJ Hashmi if some kind of informational effort is planned, Godwin said Monday night that a city may spend money to inform the electorate but not to promote a particular outcome.

“The city may not spend money to promote a yes or no vote. The city may spend money to educate. In fact, that’s a responsibility if you’re holding a special election on a specific topic – to educate the people with factual information,” Godwin said.

“It’s real common for a city to send out a brochure, some kind of factual information so the people can vote intelligently,” the city manager said.

Godwin said he has some examples of what other cities have done toward educating the electorate on various topics.

“Our plan is to send out something about a month from now – toward the end of March, first of April,” Godwin said.

The city hired KSA engineering in late November to plan out a 10-year program of capital improvements focusing on replacing water and sewer lines that have been in place dating back before World War II.

The first meetings have set of a joint meeting between KSA and a seven-member citizen Capital Improvement Program committee appointed by the council in January.

Those meetings have been set for 5:30 p.m. at City Hall on March 7, March 20, and April 17.

It will be the committee’s function to provide guidance on the priority of various projects.