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Paris City Council meeting begins with 'shortest prayer in history'

Monday night, at the start of the Paris City Council meeting, the Rev. Bob Bush, a local minister, gave what he said would surely be “the shortest prayer in the history of this chamber.”

He was at the podium for just over a minute, but the prayer itself took only six seconds.

“Members of the City Council, you’re going to hear the shortest prayer you’ve ever heard, because I’ve noticed, some of my colleagues, how long they pray,” he began.

“But this is the greatest country God has ever let live yet. People think that there’s one minister’s alliance made up of white people that’s got a black president, and the other one is a black council that’s got a white member,” said Bush, who is white and a member of the NAACP.

He said Joe McCarthy, who is black and in 2011 completed his second four-year term on the council, was quoted last year as saying, “I look for the day when we won’t even have a Black History Month because we’ll just all realize that we’re just so lucky to be here in America.’”

Bush continued: “And, you know, we are privileged to be here, and this is the greatest country. So you’re now going to hear the shortest prayer in the history of this chamber, I think, and maybe one of the best ones:

“Almighty God, thank you for the United States of America. Amen.”



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