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More than 100 city properties -- seized for delinquent taxes -- are up for sale to the highest bidder today


More than 100 city-owned properties — seized over the years by the City of Paris for delinquent taxes — are up for public auction from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. today at the Lamar County Courthouse.

The sale is so big that representatives of Linebarger Goggan Blair & Simpson – the tax attorneys who are managing the sale for the city – added a second day – Feb. 5, 2013 — to make sure they have enough time to complete the anticipated sales.

Minimum bid is $250, and if there’s only one bid, the property will go for that. If there’s no bid, the property will remain unclaimed, and the auctioneer will proceed down the list.

Of special interest is the old Cherry Street Manor nursing home in the 2100 block of East Cherry Street. It’s on the books for $378,120. But it’s No. 78 on the list of 102, so depending upon the turnout, its number might not come up today.

“Here’s how it’s going to work,” City of Paris code enforcement supervisor said. “They’re going to start at the top of the list and work down. They’re not going to move any up because of special interest or anything else.”

Talley said as many properties as possible will be sold — until 4:30 p.m. today.

“And then, I guess, in the February sale, they’ll start where they left off and continue on down the list,” he said.

Although all the properties owe delinquent taxes, all sales will be free and clear of any back taxes.

Eighteen of the properties are listed in value at $10,000 or more (see list below).

The Paris City Council authorized the auction as a way to improve the look and feel of Paris by putting properties back on the tax rolls.

Each of the properties has a listed value – ranging from $290 to a lot in the 700 block of Northwest 1st Street to $378,120 for Cherry Street Manor. The total value listed for the 102 properties is $1,035,340.

“We are very excited at the possibility of selling so many properties and hopefully returning them to productive use,” mayor AJ Hashmi said.

“If someone sees a property he or she wants, all he has to do is be the highest bidder,” Godwin said. “Some properties

For specific questions about the sale, call city code enforcement supervisor Robert Talley at 903-784-9219 or the Lamar County Appraisal District at 903-785-7822.

For questions about how the auction will be conducted, call Tammy, with Linebarger & Associates, at 1-903-597-2897.

City officials have placed signs on the properties to help prospective buyers identify what is available. Properties are located throughout the city. Although most of the properties are vacant lots, some have structures.

Hashmi noted that the city has ordered demolition of dozens of dilapidated structures, and those properties likely will be offered at additional public auctions to follow.

Here are the properties, in the order in which they will be auctioned off:

110344Booth Additionition, Block 1, Lot 343rd St., 4th St.$1,180
210507Cedar Hill Additionition, Block 1, Lot 112885Colvin$990
310522Cedar Hill Addition, Block 3, Lot 2028th NW$1,520
410726Colonial Addition, Block 7,Lot 2Walker$2,070
510975East Park Addition, Block A, Lot 21$2,250
610884ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 58th NW$1,100
710885ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 1010278th NW$1,150
810889ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 69578th NW$1,740
910890ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 1110378th NW$1,250
1010892ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 13, 149th NW & Campbell$2,170
1110895ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 189th NW$1,100
1210896ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 199th NW$1,100
1310902ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 279th NW$1,100
1410906ES Conner Addition, Block 1, Lot 3310219TH NW$1,100
1510975East Park Addition, Block A, Lot 21$2,250
1611056East Park Addition, Block F, Lot 7$3,450
1711066East Park Addition, Block G, Lot 413th NE$2,250
1811067East Park Addition, Block G, Lot 813th NE$2,250
1911068East Park Addition, Block G, Lot 1013th NE$2,250
2011146East Park Addition, Block O, Lot 612th NE$2,450
2111165East Park Addition, Block P, Lot 7146010th NE$16,600
2211208East Park Addition, Block Q, Lot 271336Fitzhugh$11,890
2311372Finn Place, Block B, Lot 9-A & S/Pt 82465th SE$34,200
2411662Gibbons-Braden Addition, Block 13, Lot PT 1016th SE$10,000
2511737Gibbons Park, Block 1, Lot 1B-283810th SE$18,500
2611828Gibbons Park, Block 4, Lot 22855Cedar$3,380
2711832Gibbons Park, Block4, Lot 27900 blockCedar$3,630
2811897Gibbons Park, Block 8, Lot 9800 BlockJackson$3,380
2911982Harlan Heights, Block 6, Lot 71309Grove$2,250
3011903Gibbons Park, Block 8, Lot 15800 BlockJackson$6,000
3111999P.W. Harrisons 9th Addition, Block 4, Lot 41431Plum$3,400
3212333C.C. Hopkins, Block 1, Lots 1&211514th NW$1,840
3312376Hull Addition, Block 3, Lot 6113455th NE$1,260
3412833Lane Place, Block 2, Lot 11-131300 Block16th NE$8,720
3512912Margraves, Phillips & Estes Addition, Plat 1, Block 1, Lot   109097-1/2 St. NE$810
3613194McKnight Addition, Block 3, Lot 314757th NW$2,420
3713918City Block 34, Lots 9-A900Pine Bluff$4,800
3813958City Block 36, Lot 6577Price$6,830
3914002City Block 391 Lot 4111Price$43,090
4014189City Block 51, Lot 8934Dickson Ave.$2,730
4114190Asa Jarman Survey 0.217 Acre948Dickson Ave.$10,190
4214400City Block 60-A, Lot 4Gibbons Alley$940
4314403Larkin Rattan Addition, Block 60-A, Lot 7343Booth E.$660
4414490City Block 63, Lot 46146th NE$3,440
4514514City Block 63-A, Lot 65518th NE$1,570
4614669City Block 70, Lot 12 (land locked)Between 11th & 12th NE$11,760
4714764City Block 70-C, Lot 101305Pine Bluff$34,050
4814873City Block 73, Lot 125233rd NE$1,250
4914910City Block 74-A, Lot 210501st NE$630
5014966City Block 75, Lot 10414Provine E.$1,220
5115066City Block 79, Lot 127771st NW$290
5215114Larkin Rattan Survey, 0.356 acres5055th NW$3,270
5315235City Block 88, Lot 67th NW$640
5415288City Block 89, Lots 8 & 8-A7174th NW$1,630
5515340City Block 91, Lot 236151st NE$880
5615477City Block 98, Lot 4-D, 4-E9354th NW$5,270
5715369Larkin Rattan Addition, Block 92, Lot 22-A6092nd NE$480
5815432City Block 95, Lot 9138Provine W$11,090
5915493City Block 99, Lot 11436Provine W$1,730
6015558City Block 101-B, Lot 411th NW$990
6116054City Block 124, Lot 25636Kaufman W.$10,420
6216101City Block 128, Lot 161366Kaufman W.$5,260
6316172City Block 133, Lot 6913Sherman W$1,400
6416349City Block 144, Lot 106075th SE$3,110
6516350City Block 144, Lot 11 & Part 15-A6135th SE$3,660
6616387City Block 146, Lot 8430Hearon E$6,120
6716393City Block 146, Lot 13347Washington E$57,100
6816774City Block 174, Lot 131028Martin Luther King$2,850
6916787City Block 174-A, Lot 151175Van Zandt E$3,050
7016789City Block 174-A, Lot 16-AVan Zandt E$1,100
7117105City Block 191, Lot 201447Graham$5,710
7217318City Block 208, Lot 122248Austin W$6,080
7317370Asa Jarman Survey, 0.222 acres1414Sherman W$6,010
7417736City Block 233, Lot 3Henderson W$1,350
7517779City Block 235, Lot 6117517th NW$1,140
7617780City Block 235, Lot 7116717th NW$1,140
7717788City Block 235, Lot 15110517th NW$1,460
7818255City Block 258-A, Lot 12193Cherry E$378,120
7918608City Block 302, Lot 1A2345Cherry W$42,450
8019053Park Addition, Block 1, Lots 1&214557th NW$6,900
8119064Park Addition, Block 1, Lot S, 50′ of 1313357th NW$3,860
8219415Rucker PL Addition, Block 2, Lot 139375th SE$4,810
8319416Rucker Pl Addition, Block 2, Lot 159495th SE$3,750
8419585South Park, Block 1, Lot 12Orange$1,310
8519586South Park, Block 1, Lot 13548Orange$860
8619593South Park, Block 3, Lots 9 & 10533Orange$3,060
8719623Sperry’s 1st Addition, Block 6, Lot N, Part of 1528th NW (small sliver)$750
8819872Stellrose Addition, Block 4, Lots 2 & 3 pt2343Culbertson$38,220
8919925City Block 170-B, Lot 5319Neagle W$1,130
9020413Walker’s 1st Addition, Block 1, Lot 31223Kaufman W.$6,020
9120452Washington Heights, Block 1, Lot 210123rd NE$1,200
9220469Washington Heights, Block 3, Lot 2415Henderson E$1,880
9320608Westview Addition, Block B, Lots 1 & 223018th NW$3,830
9422071E. Park Addition, Block E, Lot 12Hickory & 12th NE$2,690
9539574A592 Morrison Survey, 1.0 acresland locked (near Industrial Park)$4,000
9641840Block 24, Lot 5, original townsite$1,820
9752419A502 M Keller Surveyt Tract22A, 28.87 acres$66,440
98100246City Block 84, Lot 16-B64413th NW$11,980
99101209Cedar Hill Addition, Block 5, Lots 20 through 2828th NW A 479 Jarman$11,800
100101210Cedar Hill Addition, Block 6, Lot 1627th NW$1,240
101101211E. Park Addition, Block 1, Lot 414th NE$2,330
102103117City Block 174-A, Lot 13Van Zandt E$5,500
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