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EMS coordinator, police chief are among 39 City of Paris employees receiving merit raises


City manager John Godwin has awarded merit raises to 39 City of Paris employees, including EMS coordinator Kent Klinkerman and police chief Bob Hundley.

Bob Hundley
Kent Klinkerman

Both got a 2.5 percent bump in pay – Klinkerman from $88,100 a year to $90,302, and Hundley from $79,909 a year to $81,907.

Dollar-wise, Klinkerman’s biweekly increase of $84.69 and Hundley’s of $76.85 are the largest of the merit raises handed out – but percentage-wise, are the smallest.

The City of Paris didn’t volunteer information on the merit raises, but turned it over in response to a citizen’s request under the state’s Freedom of Information laws.

Of the 39 merit raises, 27 were for a flat $40 per pay period. That was more than a 5 percent increase for some of the lower-paid employees getting the raises.

When Godwin took over as city manager in May, he told the Paris City Council one of the changes he planned was to give raises based on performance, rather than across-the-board.

Accordingly, in his proposed 2012-2013 budget, which the council adopted, the city manager asked for $40,461 to provide raises “for certain selected based on actual performance.”

Godwin emphasized: “This will not be used for any type of across-the-board or automatic raises.”

During the city council’s discussion of the merit raises back in August and September, Godwin said he would prefer not to disclose the names of who got the raises.

The manager said while he would like to single out for praise the employees considered worthy of merit raises, he would prefer not to because it sometimes stirred up resentment among employees not getting the raises.

The 39 employees and the particulars:

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