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Out-of-state bank pays off La Quinta's delinquent hotel occupancy taxes


The City of Paris has recovered the back taxes, penalties and interest owed by La Quinta for its delinquent occupancy taxes, finance director Gene Anderson says.

As of the end of the 2011-2012 fiscal year, “all hotels were current on their occupancy taxes except La Quinta,” Anderson said in a weekend report to the Paris City Council, which meets at 5:30 p.m. today.

Celtic Bank foreclosed on the local La Quinta Inn on Aug. 7.

“The bank was notified of the hotel tax delinquency, and they paid $45,859.05 in October for all back taxes, penalties and interest,” Anderson said.

Repeated delinquencies drew the council’s interest, and La Quinta was given permission to pay back the late taxes monthly, but had not been faithful to keep up with the plan.

Once Celtic Bank foreclosed, it took care of the situation.

Relating to other city finances, Anderson reported:

Sales taxes are flat, exceeding last year’s collections by $1,389.
Franchise fees are up 0.37 percent for the year.
Permit fees are up 30 percent.
Municipal court fines are 13.38 percent above last year’s collections.
Interest and lease payments are up $28,072.
Mixed beverage tax collection is down $14,649, or 25.29 percent.
Recreation program fees are up $110,548, or 8.86 percent.
Water revenue is down 5.36 percent.

Anderson said five departments exceeded their budgets for the 2011-2012 fiscal year:

1. Parks Department, $47,383 over budget, due primarily to Hiring Partners contract workers.
2. Emergency Medical Services, $55,487 over budget, primarily due to fuel and medical supplies.
3. Paris Band, $568 over budget because of payments to band members.
4. Water Production, $20,830 over budget because of chemical costs; and
5. Wastewater Treatment, $14,433 over budget because of chemical costs.