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New offices are near completion on second floor of Paris City Hall for city manager, city planning director, mayor and fire chief

NEW-LOOK PARIS CITY HALL — Notice anything different? The second floor windows to the historic Paris City Hall have been restored after years of being covered over. The old Paris City Council chambers that once resided on the second floor through the windows shown above were recently renovated into new offices.

The far-right window is the new office of city manager John Godwin, directly above his present office.

The next window over is the office of his executive assistant, Denene Johnson, directly above her present office.

The middle window is the office of the city’s new planning director, Alan Efrussy, who will begin work in December.

The second window from the left is an office for mayor AJ Hashmi.

The far-left window is a conference room.

Also on the second floor — to either side of the stairs — are offices for the city’s human resources director (already in use) and for the new city fire chief, when he comes on board. 

City manager John Godwin said another city department, to be decided (probably from the City Hall Annex across the street), will move into the first-floor corner offices he’s vacating. (eParisExtra photo by Charles Richards)

Mayor AJ Hashmi tries out the chair in his new office. Another “City of Paris Mayor” seal like the one behind him adorns the outside of his office door.  Hashmi said he paid personally for the furnishings and for all expense incurred in establishing the mayor’s office in City Hall. “No city funds were involved,” he said. (eParisExtra photo by Charles Richards)

This is the opposite wall in Mayor Hashmi’s new office at City Hall. (eParisExtra photo by Charles Richards)

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