Paris receives $557,052 for its share of March sales taxes collections

PARIS  — State sales tax revenue in March was $1.98 billion, up 5.5 percent compared to March 2012 — the 36th consecutive month that sales tax revenue has increased in Texas.

State Comptroller Susan Combs sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their April local sales tax allocations totaling $521.9 million, up 6.8 percent compared to April 2012.

State Comptroller Susan Combs

State Comptroller Susan Combs

“Sales tax revenue growth was seen in both the business and consumer sectors of the economy,” Combs said in her April report. “Collections grew in sectors such as manufacturing and retail trade.”

She sent checks totaling $343.1 million to Texas cities in April allocations – up 6.6 percent compared to the same month last year and up 6.7 percent for the first four months of 2013.

Paris’ payment of $557,051.73 was up 3.95 percent from the $535,882.43 received in April 2012.

For 2013 to date, Paris has received sales tax rebate checks totaling $2,455,754.56 – about $56,000 (2.37%) more than January-to-April of 2012.

For Lamar County, the sales tax revenue shared among the seven municipal entities of Blossom, Deport, Paris, Reno, Roxton, Sun Valley and Toco was $585,774.27 for March sales, up the same 3.95 percent that Paris experienced.

Year to date, the six cities are up 2.39 percent. They’ve received a total of $2,571,019.35 for their share of the sales tax so far in 2013, reflecting sales of December through March. That’s about $60,000 more than those same four months a year ago.

The sales tax in Paris is 8.25 percent — 6.25 percent goes to the State of Texas, 0.50 percent goes to Lamar County, and 1.50 percent goes to the City of Paris. The city sales tax is 1.25 percent in Blossom for a total sales tax of 8.00 percent, and 1.00 percent in Deport, Reno,Roxton, Sun Valley and Toco for a total sales tax of 7.75 percent.

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