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Paris ISD Veterans Day Activities begin today at Paris Junior High

Paris Junior High School

The History Department has their annual Veterans Day event today. Kim Ekstrom, Paris High School teacher, is speaking to classes throughout the day. She will discuss her service to our country and what it was like serv­ing in the military. Parents and community members are welcome to attend in the foyer to the Auditorium.

Crockett Intermediate School

Crockett Intermediate School students are gathering items for care packages for a troop in
Afghanistan. Items requested include individually wrapped snacks, travel size soaps, toothbrushes, t-shirts, microwaveable non-refrigerated meals, soup in a cup, pens, pencils, drawing pads, toiletries, juice boxes, pow­der mixes, baby wipes and Q-tips. Letters from Crockett students to our servicemen will be included with the care packages.

In addition,  mini posters are being created with information provided by staff so students will be able to relate military service to someone personal in their lives.  Classes will tour the campus to view the posters. A Power­Point presentation including the poster information will be displayed in the classrooms.

Aikin Elementary School

Aikin Elementary second grade students are presenting a Veterans Program on Monday, Nov. 12, at 9:30, in the Aikin cafetorium.  Students are inviting veterans in order to honor them for their service.  Col. Holland Harper, father of Preston Harper, will be the featured speaker.  Aikin Cub Scouts will post and retrieve the col­ors, lead the pledge, and present a flag-folding demonstration.  Second grade teacher, Kari Cannon, will sing the National Anthem and the classes of Lori Blackmon and Wynne Henderson will present a sign language interpretation. Principal Pat Gilbert would like to extend an invitation to all veterans to join us in our celebra­tion of Veterans Day.

On Monday, Nov. 12, Aikin 4th grade classes will visit the Red River Valley Veterans Memorial. On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Aikin – 2nd grade classes will visit the RRV Veterans Memorial.

Justiss Elementary School

Justiss Elementary will have a school-wide “Salute to the Troops” assembly on Monday, Nov. 12 at 9 a.m.  Boy Scout Troop 3990 will conduct a flag ceremony.  Eagle Scout Matthew Draeger will demonstrate flag folding and the meaning behind each fold.  Students participated in a “Take a Vet to School” program by making special stars in honor of veterans and inviting them to school for the program.  Justiss students will sing a special “11 11” song.  PHS trumpeter Thomas Zimmerman will play “Taps” in honor of deceased Veter­ans.  Following a musical salute including the official song for each branch of the military, a breakfast recep­tion will follow in the Justiss library.

Givens Early Childhood Center

Students’ parents along with Mr. Lopez will read a story and talk about a proper salute to Pre-K students.

Lamar County Head Start

The students of Lamar County Head Start will participate in a flag raising ceremony and be lead in the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by staff members.

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