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Diagnosing sports injuries with Danny Bulls


North Lamar Athletic Trainer Danny Bulls

Hang around North Lamar athletics for very long and chances are good you will see Danny Bulls running around somewhere. Coach Bulls is the Athletic Trainer for the North Lamar Panthers. Whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, or volleyball Coach Bulls’ job description includes the rehabilitation of injured athletes for North Lamar.

Coach Bulls grew up in Perryton, a small town in the panhandle of west Texas. He graduated from West Texas A&M. After graduation, Bulls found himself heading to Paris to work with Coach Felty and his staff. “Coach Bulls has been with me for [12 years],” head coach Felty said. “[It’s] been a real asset to have somebody with his knowledge of injuries.”

Bulls usually gets to the field house early on a school morning. Treatments for the players usually start between 7:15 and 7:30. After a morning football practice there’s a little bit of time for paperwork that Bulls says is “the worst part of the job.”  The rest of the day is consumed with girls athletics followed by freshman athletics. Finally the day ends with another football practice after school.

“It’s a fun filled day of sports and taking care of kiddos and treatments,” Bulls says.

Coach Bulls is very active in injury prevention among the student athletes as well. From taping ankles to stretching to conditioning, Bulls tries to convey the message to the students to take care of themselves. “Being around the kids is probably the best part of the job,” he says.

When he was younger, Coach Bulls always wanted to do something with sports. “At first it started I was going to coach,” he explains. “Then I took the athletic training class and it just kind of clicked.” Bulls likes to diagnose injuries and more times than not, his diagnosis is correct according to coach Felty.

As we are talking football practice is in full swing all around us. As soon as the interview is over, you can see Bulls leaving the Panthers field house because the Volleyball team is about to play. As he leaves, I notice he is smiling. At that moment I realize that to him, this really is all about the kids.

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