Call Dylan’s Drivers for a Safe Ride Home this New Year’s Eve

DylansDrivers1Executive Director of Dylan’s Drivers, Paul Allen, wants to remind everyone that needs a safe ride home should call Dylan’s Drivers, especially on New Year’s Eve.

Allen states, “We will be operational from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. Folks can give us a call at 903 905-4959 and we will pick you up and take you home for free. Anyone can call that needs a safe ride home. We encourage people that have been drinking or do not feel safe riding with someone that has, to give us a call. We are also available to take folks home from where alcohol is not involved. Dylan’s Drivers is for anyone that needs a safe ride home.”

Volunteers working on New Year’s Eve include Ronnie Ballard, Vickie Ballard, Paul Allen, Rita Allen, Will Rember,  Angela Rember, Paul Stephens, Shannon Stephens, Steve Wilson, and Annie Downs.

For more information on the Dylan’s Drivers program or to become a volunteer, call 903-905-4959.

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