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Mayor Hashmi declared week of January 20th "Aseer Zadi Week"

On January 15, 2014 Mayor A.J. Hashmi, MD, signed a proclamation that declared the week of January 20th 2014 “Aseer Zadi Week” in Paris, Texas.  It appears that the city council was unaware of this proclamation. However, news of the Proclamation was featured in several news outlets in Pakistan.

Mayor Arjumand Hashmi
Mayor Arjumand Hashmi

This excerpt, found by eParisExtra was written by Rashid Nazir Ali on January 26th: “Aseerzadi, the recently concluded drama is now also officially appreciated by Mayor of City of Paris in the state of Texas, USA. The mayor of City of Paris, A.J. Hashmi, has acknowledged the drama by issuing an official appreciation letter for it.  The letter also declares the week of 20th January as ‘Aseerzadi Week’ to acknowledge the drama.” contacted the City Clerk’s office and spoke with Janice Ellis who said that requests for Proclamations come in all the time. She explained that “any and all requests are granted unless they appear to be illegal.” She also explained that it is not abnormal for them not to be read in front of the city council and that infact most are not. Requests for Proclamations come in to acknowlege 100th birthdays, poison prevention, cancer awareness, cub scouts, etc.  She added that, “perhaps the council wants to look at initiating a policy” to deal with how proclamations are received in the future.

“Aseer Zadi” is a tv show in Pakistan about a polygamous family that prides itself in its traditions.  All the men in the family have married three wives since the first two were unable to bear them children.  Aseerzadi is written by Mustafa Afridi and directed by Ehteshaamudin Mohammed. It is produced by HUM TV.

Here is the Proclamation signed by Mayor Hashmi.

aseer zadi week

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