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Cub Scouts race in Pinewood Derby

PinewoodDerby_01Cub Scout Packs 2 and 12 got together at Bailey Intermediate School on Saturday for the annual Pinewood Derby.

The young racers participated in six categories. Results for Tigers were:

  • Jayden Childers in first place with his car Max.
  • Jeffrey Durham in second with Jefferson.
  • Jake Nimmo in third with Black Topper.

Results for the Wolves:

  • Jacob Tucker in first place with Red Rocket.
  • Matthew Miller in second with Red Racer.
  • Grayson Gage in third with Bat Mobile.

PinewoodDerby_07Results for the Bears:

  • Grady Taylor in first place with Lightning Strikes.
  • Zachery Langford in second place with Turbo.
  • Abel O’Neal in third place with White Lightning.

Results for Webelos 1:

  • Braeden Wilkins in first place with The Boss.
  • Xander Wilson in second with Blur.
  • Dalton Echols in third with Atomic Wedgie.

Results for Webelos 2:

  • Justin Daughtrey in first place with Red Bomb.
  • Bradley Saunders in second place with Old Yeller.
  • Texas Darby in third with Green Lantern.

Results for Outlaw Youth:

  • Bailee Taylor in first place with Princess Mariposa.
  • Cooper Darby in second with Bumble Bee.
  • Paxton Roden in third place with Psycho Semi.
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