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Turner pledges to streamline, modernize district clerk's office

Susan Flanary Turner
Susan Flanary Turner

With the Republican primary drawing closer, Susan Flanary-Turner says she is ready to bring the Lamar County District Clerk’s office into the 21st Century.

“I decided to run for district clerk when it became apparent that the office was desperately in need of management that would provide cost efficient, 21st Century service utilizing the latest technology,” Turner said.

She faces Shawntel Golden in the March 14 Republican primary. The primary winner will not face a Democrat challenger in the November election. District Clerk Marvin Ann Patterson has said she will not seek re-election.

Turner said the district clerk’s main job is to manage the office efficiently and in accordance with the law and procedures of the courts that it serves. A former court reporter, she has worked with local, state and federal courts for 35 years. She also has experience managing her business and husband’s law practice and has served as president of the Texas Court Reporters Association, which has 1,500 members and a budget of $500,000.

“My management and leadership experience will allow me to give the people efficient service while being conservative with their hard-earned tax dollars,” Turner said. “I am the candidate in this race who has management and budget experience. I would like the opportunity to make the office of district clerk as efficient and service oriented as possible.”

With an annual budget of $423,605, the Lamar County district clerk’s office has room for savings without impact on service, she said. The office could operate more quickly and efficiently with technological upgrades, she said.

“I firmly believe that new eyes and new approaches to issues and procedures are mandatory for office improvement, which is so obviously needed,” Turner said. “Although I have vast experience in the procedures of how the court system works, I believe that not having been employed in that office for years will give me new insight and perspective on improvements that can be made.”

Turner is the daughter of C.V. Flanary, a long-time attorney and former Lamar County Judge. He was a driving force in her decision to become a court reporter, Turner said. She and her mother, Magalene Flanary, jointly managed their court reporting firm – Flanary, Turner & Associates – and worked in every district court in Northeast Texas.

“Under my direction, the office of the district clerk will render the people of this county unparalleled friendly service that recognizes that government employees are the servants of the taxpayers,” she said. “I also pledge to the taxpayers of Lamar County that I will implement leading-edge improvements in the office that will result in significant savings to the citizens of Lamar County.”

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