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Scouts race to victory in Pinewood Derby


Cub Scout Pack 2 Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos held their annual Pine Derby race Sunday at Calvary United Methodist Church. Boy Scouts helped with the weigh-in and handling cars.

Among the Tigers, the results were:

  • First place, Matthew Miller with Revenge
  • Second place, Matthew Sanchez with Matthew’s Flames
  • Third Place, Robert Parish with Speeder

For the Wolves, the results were:

  • First place, Aydan Jones with American Eagle
  • Second place, Grady Taylor with G Wolf
  • Third place, Adam Stone with Sharking

For the Bears, the results were:

  • First place, Evan Martin with Hero
  • Second place, Xander Wilson with Racer X
  • Third place, Will Moore with Batmobile

The Webelos results were:

  • First place, Robert Parks with Surfacemobile
  • Second place, Garrick Felsberg with DMC12
  • Third place, Bradley Saunders with Cool Car

A “Grand Prix” round was held with the top three from each group. The results were:

  • First place, Aydan Jones
  • Second place, Robert Parks
  • Third place, Xander Wilson