2013 Firefighter Awards

firefigthersOn December 13, 2013 the Paris Fire Department awarded four of their officers, for doing an exceptional job throughout the year. Chief Larry Wright awarded Firefighter of the Year to Matt Jones, Driver Engineer of the year to Shon Liles, Captain of the year to James Dority, and the Chief’s Award went to Captain Chad Graves.

In the past the Firefighter of the year had been the only award presented. Chief Wright seeing the importance of all ranks decided to expand the awards to Captain of the year, Driver/Engineer of the year and present his Chief Award.

Chief Wright is extremely proud of the Paris Fire Department employees and how they have performed in the public time of need and the department’s demands.

Pictured from left to right are C-Shift Captain Chad Graves, C-Shift Firefighter Matt Jones, Chief Larry Wright, B-Shift Driver/Engineer Shon Liles and B-Shift Captain James Dority


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