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City of Paris grant builds man a new home

Paris resident, Homer Spencer, is the lucky recipient of a brand new brick home, funded and built for him by a City of Paris grant for dilapidated homes.  Although the home was funded by this grant, it took about one year’s worth of paperwork and dedication to get this all settled for Mr. Spencer.

Homer Spencer is a home health patient at Premier Home Care & Hospice.  Director of Nurses, Shannon Johnston, and her team of nurses began taking care of him.  After the very first visit, Shannon noticed that his home condition was not livable.  There were holes in the walls and ceiling.  Small animals had even made their way inside.

This prompted Shannon to begin looking for Homer an alternative living arrangement, and hopefully, someday, a new home.

“It all started about a year ago,” Johnston stated.  “While visiting and caring for him at Premier, I noticed he needed a new home.  I began advocating for him and looking.  I found a City of Paris Grant that Homer met the criteria for because his house was dilapidated and unlivable.  Resource Management of Paris helped me through a lot of it.”

Shannon first had to acquire photographs of Homer’s previous home, which were to show the unlivable conditions.  She then helped Mr. Spencer with the applications for the grant and insurance paperwork, amongst other things.

Being that Homer’s health condition hinders him from earning an adequate income and his previous home’s dilapidated condition, he fell into a select group that are eligible.

The City then tore down Homer’s unlivable home and constructed a brand new one in its place, using the grant funds.

According to Johnston, the whole process usually takes up to two full years to complete.  Due to the persistence and hard work, it took Homer’s home only one year, which is very fast.

The house is a beautiful red brick, built by Doyle Whitaker.  A special thanks goes out to the members of the Paris City Council, for it is their work and dedication that acquires the funds for grants such as this.

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