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New Texas State Laws Went into Effect on Monday

capital AustinAs of September 1, several new laws have gone into effect across Texas after being signed into law nearly a year ago.

Eleven laws went into effect on Monday, but some of them will not effect Paris or Lamar County. For example, House Bill 3896; this bill pertains to taxes for the Jack County Hospital District.

However, there several that will affect Paris and Lamar County residents:

House Bill 1318: This bill gives juveniles a fairer shake in the legal system by providing appointed council immediately after arrest. (See House Bill 1318 in full.)

House Bill 5: Changes course load requirements for graduating high school seniors. The bill also provides for the preparation of a personal graduating plan for each student entering ninth grade based on information prepared by the Texas Education Agency, in consolidation with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, on the distinguished level of achievement and the diploma endorsements.

The bill requires each plan to identify a course of study that promotes college and workforce readiness, career placement and advancement, and facilitates the transition from high school to college. (See House Bill 5 in full.)

House Bill 2305: Establishes a registration-based system for state inspections, requiring Texans to get their vehicles inspected prior to receiving a registration sticker. (See House Bill 2305 in full.)

Senate Bill 1158: Amends the Education Code to transfer administration of tuition and fee exemptions for veterans and their families from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to the Texas Veterans Commission.

Provides for a permanent fund to offset the cost to institutions of higher education when an eligible veteran waives an exemption and designates a child to receive the exemption. The bill also provides for a veteran education excellence recognition award network to recognize institutions of higher education for excellence in providing education and related services to veterans, and it requires the commission to hire veterans education counselors to provide certain specified assistance to enhance the education opportunities of veterans and their families. (See Senate Bill 1158 in full.)

Below is the remaining list of bills that went into effect on September 1:

House Bill 1245: Relating to the allocation of money in the judicial and court personnel training fund. (See House Bill 1245 in full.)

House Bill 3153: Relating to the operation and administration of, and practice in courts in, the judicial branch of state government and the composition of certain juvenile boards; imposing a fee. (See House Bill 3153 in full.)

House Bill 3896: Relating to the Jack County Hospital District; authorizing the imposition of a tax. (See House Bill 3896 in full.)

Senate Bill 966: Relating to creation of the Judicial Branch Certification Commission and the consolidation of judicial profession regulation; imposing penalties; authorizing fees. (See Senate Bill 966 in full.)

Senate Bill 1458: Relating to contributions to, benefits from, and the administration of systems and programs administered by the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. (See Senate Bill 1458 in full.)

Senate Bill 1459: Relating to the powers and duties of and contributions to and benefits from the systems of and programs administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas. (See Senate Bill 1459 in full.) One law that was intended to go into effect on Monday was House Bill 2, which repealed the provisions related to the minimum standards required of an abortion facility.

The law has not gone into effect, because of a federal ruling against key parts of the law.

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