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Spanish physicist creates color-changing ice cream

ice creamManuel Linares, a 37-year-old Spanish physicist, has performed ice alchemy and created an ice cream that changes color as you eat it.

The ice cream, named “Xamaleón,” after the color-shifting chameleon, slowly changes color as it melts. It goes from a periwinkle blue while being scooped, to pink and then purple. Your next lick or bite of this strange frozen delight may result in a different shade of color. The ice cream’s chromatic indecisiveness is a reaction to changes in temperature and acidity. A spray of Linares’ special “elixir” after scooping the ice cream accelerates the process.

Linares insists that the special dessert is all natural. He said, “It was important to me to make sure I only used natural ingredients, so it took a bit longer.” The ice cream’s flavor is a tutti-frutti blend of fruits, including strawberries and bananas, and various other ingredients, like cocoa, almonds, pistachio, vanilla and caramel.

“And as to the trick, I’m not giving out too much detail because the patents are still going through,” said Linares.

The physicist-turned-chef won’t disclose Xamaleón’s creation process, but he does tell of the idea’s origin. Linares took an ice cream-making course at the Hotel BusinessSchool Hoffman in Barcelona, and was assigned with making a new flavor. He shared with his tutor and colleagues his aspirations for a color-changing ice cream, an idea met only with ridicule. “Everyone laughed,” Linares said, “but as a physicist I know that there are various possibilities that might work, and I was delighted when I managed to crack it and create an ice cream that changes color.” Linares actually cites inspiration from Charlie Francis, a British ice cream entrepreneur who invented a glow-in-the-dark ice cream.

Currently, Linares’ own ice cream parlor in Calella de Marhas, Spain is the exclusive home to this chomatophoric confection, and it’s selling like hotcakes. Strange color-changing hotcakes.

Linares’ cold culinary dreams don’t end here. He’s already looking into partners to bring Xamaleón to the rest of the world. He also wants to create a multitude of other creative concoctions, including ice cream that changes from white to pink and ice cream that reacts when exposed to fluorescent and ultraviolet lights.

You can check out a video of this extraordinary dessert’s fantastic properties on the ice cream parlor’s Facebook page.

By Alfredo Dizon, eParisExtra

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