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TxDOT releases new app to help drivers save money, reduce emissions

— ‘Roadcents’ app supports effort to protect air quality, track vehicle maintenance

It has now become much easier to keep your vehicles road-ready, while also saving money at the pump, as TxDOT has announced this month the release of their new web-based smartphone app — ‘’ — which offers helpful hints on operating efficiency for your vehicles and tips on how to reduce tailpipe emissions that contribute to the rising amount of air pollution, according to TxDOT spokesman Tim McAlavy.

TxDOT_Color_LOGO“A vehicle in peak condition will produce fewer emissions, reduce the chance of a roadside breakdown and improve gas mileage,” TxDOT travel information division director, Margo Richards, said. “Saving money on gas this summer, while also helping the environment, is something all motorists can appreciate.”

TxDOT says that “Roadcents” is a Web-based app for your mobile device or computer that offers drivers tools to track vehicle maintenance, as well as calculate the amount of money that can be saved by changing their vehicle maintenance habits and driving.

“Drivers also can receive email alerts when their vehicles are scheduled for maintenance, find nearby auto repair facilities and gas stations, and get tips on what to do in case of a roadside breakdown or collision,” TxDOT spokesman Tim McAlavy said.

According to TxDOT, continuing to drive a vehicle that is in need of maintenance could add more than $100 to your annual gas spending, while under-inflated tires can increase your vehicle’s exhaust emissions, adding an extra $90 a year to fuel costs.

“Poor driving habits, such as speeding and rapid starts and stops, also can cost a driver as much as $900 a year in gas,” McAlavy said.

Since 2002, TxDOT’s “Drive Clean Across Texas” campaign — now known as “Drive Clean Texas” — has urged drivers to take simple steps to keep their vehicle in shape to reduce emissions that affect our state’s air quality, TxDOT officials said.

“To use “Roadcents,” visit, create an account and enter vehicle information,” McAlavy said. “The website offers additional ideas on reducing air pollution and saving money at the gas pump.”

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