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Apple reportedly working on new iPhones with larger screens

bigger-iphoneApple has resisted the trend of larger screens on phones for quite some time now, but with the growing number of large screen offers in the marketplace, it looks like they’re finally letting their guard down and joining in on the fun.

Some people considered “familiar” with the Apple insider situation told the Wall Street Journal that Apple is planning on two new models of iPhones this year, both with screens larger than the 4-inch display currently on the iPhone 5 series. These sources indicate that one model will feature a screen larger than 4.5 inches, measured diagonally across, and the other to be larger than 5 inches.

Both new models will apparently retain the metal casing of the iPhone 5S and forego the plastic shell of the iPhone 5C. These phones are expected in the second half of the year, and contrary to other rumors, will not feature a curved display.

The smaller model is reportedly further in development, with the larger one still in preliminary stages.

Sources of the Wall Street Journal warn that these plans are not necessarily set in stone, and Apple could change the plan at any time.

Either way, you can bet we will see the iPhone 6 sometime this year with some major changes, considering the incremental upgrade from the 5 to 5S last year.

By Alfredo Dizon, eParisExtra

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