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Robbery suspect sketch receives global attention

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department composite sketch released on Saturday of last week’s East Post Oak armed robbery suspect has gained quite the attention over the last couple of days from many news and media outlets all over the world.

The infamous composite sketch released by the sheriff's department that has appeared on news media all over the world. Click to enlarge. (Sheriff's dept. photo)
The infamous composite sketch released by the sheriff’s department that has appeared on news media all over the world. Click to enlarge. (Sheriff’s dept. photo)

Major websites like The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Reddit and major news publications in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Georgia, New York, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Delaware, Arizona, local areas and many more — most all of which say the sketch is ‘cartoon-like’ — sent the sketch article posted from eParisExtra into viral status.

The composite drawing has gained so much internet attention that a Google search of ‘the worst police sketch ever’ will provide pages of results from publications all over the world.

The sketch was shared over 5500 times on The Daily Mail, one of the most popular news sites in the UK, while a video on YouTube posted by SourceFed has been currently viewed over 100,000 times.

The sketch even appeared on nationally broadcasted Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC on Tuesday night, where Kimmel claimed the sketch resembled “a Cabbage Patch doll.”

On the International Business Times in the UK, the sketch was featured in an article titled ‘The 10 Worst Police Sketches Ever’, appearing at number one on their list., an affiliate website of The Boston Globe, said, “…[the sketch] looks more like a cartoon character than a real person.”

While this attention has managed to circulate the composite sketch to thousands of people who have now seen it, which has hopefully led to many leads in the case for the sheriff’s department, the attention has not been positive.

However, despite this negative attention, we can only hope that the suspect depicted, who robbed two women at knife point on last Thursday in eastern Lamar County, will be caught and that the sketch will help lead authorities to his whereabouts.

The Lamar County Sheriff’s Department has been diligently searching for the suspect, and within a week’s time, has released the composite sketch and circulated a good description of the suspect to local media and the public. Although the sketch may not be the ‘best’ composite sketch ever, it and the good police work of the sheriff’s department should lead to the arrest of a suspect soon.

Most importantly, if you’ve seen the suspect — described as a 6′ or taller, 25 to 30 year old light-skinned black male with a round face and short black hair, tattoos covering both arms and one on the left side of his neck and a muscular build — please call the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department at (903) 737-2400.

As the Huffington Post said on Tuesday, “Honestly, we hope that law and order prevails and that police get the last laugh.”

By Josh Allen, eParisExtra

Click the link below to view the article posted on the Extra on Saturday after information and the sketch was received from the sheriff’s department:

Sheriff’s Dept. releases composite sketch of East Post Oak armed robbery suspect

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