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Lamar County Republican Party to hold precinct conventions Thursday

Lamar Co Republican PartyThe Lamar County Republican Party will conduct Precinct Conventions on Thursday, March 6, in the Lamar County Courthouse, located at 119 N. Main St.

Registrations for the Conventions will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the 6th/62nd District Courtroom with the conventions beginning at 6 p.m.

To be eligible to participate in the precinct convention, a person must be a registered voter of the precinct or live in the precinct, and must have voted in the 2014 Lamar County Republican Primary.

The purposes of precinct conventions are to elect delegates to the county convention and to draft and submit resolutions to the county convention. 

John Kruntorad, chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party, explains the evolution of the Republican Party here in Lamar County,

“Six years ago, the residents of Lamar County elected the first Republican candidates since the Reconstruction era. During the 2008 political campaign, Lamar County residents began to realize that their conservative values were best represented by the Republican Party,” said John Kruntorad, chairman of the Lamar County Republican Party.

“Beginning in 2008 and continuing today, Republican candidates have heard Lamar County citizens state: ‘I’m not leaving the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me.’

“The message from the voters was clear: The policies, core beliefs, and platform of the Democrat Party did not reflect the traditional and orthodox views of most Texans. Consequently, local voters began voting for the candidates who aligned themselves with the Republican Party, as the voters believed that the Republican candidates would be better in representing the residents’ viewpoints and values,” Kruntorad added.

Only three Republicans were elected to local office in 2008, but there are 21 local candidates in the GOP primary this year, vying for the 13 local positions on the ballot. There are five contested local Republican Primary races — district clerk, county commissioner of Precinct 2, county commissioner of Precinct 4, justice of the peace for Precinct 5, Place 2, and constable of Precinct 5.

“These contested Primary races are a testimony to interest of candidates who are willing to seek office in order to represent the conservative views of Lamar County,” Kruntorad said.

“The Lamar County Republican Party’s executive committee is excited about the prospects of our candidates. We look forward to the November General Election and are confident that Republican candidates will fill all Lamar County offices,” he said.

Anyone interested in more information on the conventions may contact Kruntorad at 903.784.5800.

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