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The Peristyle Project

peristyleBywaters Park Persityle is under restoration at last. Two contracts have been awarded for the project. The restoration portion of the contract was awarded to Bryco and the foundation work to Spann Concrete. The tentative start date was Feb. 7th for Bryco to start the disassembly, however Bryco arrived and began their work this week.

During this time, the Peristyle will be undergo 3 professional cleanings. First is a basic power washing. The second cleaning involves a special stone cleaner called “safe-restore” to remove difficult stains. After these two cleaning, Bryco will dissemble the Peristyle and each piece will undergo detailed cleaning before being crated and stored. This portion is estimated to take about three weeks to complete weather permitting. A fence has been erected around the area to provide protection.

The next phase will involve Spann Concrete doing the demolition of the existing foundation and then building a new engineered foundation. The new foundation will include all the electrical amenities that will make the Peristyle more usable for the Community special events. This phase is estimated to take about 5 weeks, but this time line is contingent on the weather.

The last phase will be the reassembly and repair to the stone. This is also done by Bryco and should take around 6 weeks. The total time line is 14 weeks and this puts the tentative completion date around mid-May.

City of Paris would like to thank the Leadership Lamar Class of 2009-2010 for their vision in historic restoration, many volunteer hours, energy and effort that went into the fund raising for the Peristyle restoration project in Historic Bywaters Park.

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