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Run for the Arts


The 1st Annual “Run for the Arts” was a huge success! Nearly 60 runners participated in the 5k race on the Trail de Paris.

All proceeds benefitted the Paris Community Theatre.

“It’s in conjunction with our effort to help keep Paris artsy,” said Sydney Young. “To run a theatre that is for the community, it takes a lot of money, and so we were thrilled when Kid Safe Saturday and the Paris Art Fair asked us if we wanted to take over the run, so we’re adding this to one of our fundraisers.”

The slogan for the run matched perfectly with the other events of the day; thespians of the stage, according to Young, are truly artists in their own right.

“[Theatre] is a way of expression that helps us understand our world, so we’re real excited that we were included with artists,” she said.

“One of the neat things about Paris is, it is such an artsy town and I think that we should talk about that more often,” Young added. “The theatre thinks that we should talk about that more often and so that’s why we came up with this slogan this year. And then when they called and asked us to do the run, it just fit hand-in-hand, so we’re making big efforts to ‘Keep Paris Artsy’.”

This year’s “Run for the Arts” may be finished, but you can still help support PCT and their efforts to “Keep Paris Artsy.”

“The way you can help the theatre do that is, of course, support us with either being a sponsor, be a season ticket holder, show up for plays,” Young said. “Participate, whether you want to be onstage or whether you want to experience stage managing or lighting or costuming. Bring your kids and enroll them in our children’s programs.”

Participants received the “Keep Paris Artsy” t-shirts that are still available for sale for $20 at the PCT Box Office, open Tues-Friday from 10am-3pm. As with everything PCT does, a lot of consideration went into the design of these shirts. According to Young, the black-and-white color scheme goes beyond aesthetic appeal.

“This…goes in with our new season that will be coming out in June, that life isn’t always black-and-white,” she said. “So that’s what our season is all about.”

PCT would like to thank the sponsors of the run: Malnory and McNeal, Dr. Stephen Johnson, Paris Chevrolet, the Paris Cardiology and the Paris News.

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