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Paris film crew's short film named finalist in three categories at national contest

Broadway looks at a camera shot from one viewpoint during the shooting of Phil.a.del.phi.a.
Screenwriter and director, Broadway, looks at a camera shot from one viewpoint during the shooting of Phil.a.del.phi.a.

— By Josh Allen,

Silence is the loudest scream…”  — whispered by young brother and narrator of the short film Phil•a•del•phi•a. Read the article and watch the short film at the bottom of the page.

A local film crew, called B160 films and made up of several Paris residents, has written, produced, directed and shot a short film on the outskirts of Paris that was praised by judges in the Rode Microphones’ My Rode Reel contest, being tagged as a “Judges’ Pick” and finalist in three categories out of over one thousand entries.

The short film is titled, Phil•a•del•phi•a, was written and directed by Broadway, (which is his last name, but the only name he goes by; he’s shown in the photograph to the right) who is also the media director at Calvary Chapel Paris.

Although the film is only 4 minutes, 51 seconds long, you can quickly pick up the setting of a post-apocalyptic setting, where two brothers — who stick very close and silent — search for safety in an attempt to survive an invaded world of ‘sound-seeking’, extra-dimensional beings.

These sound-seeking creatures abduct anyone that is near or makes any type of loud sound, so there is no dialogue in the film, just a narrator telling the unbelievable story in a fearful tone.

B160 Film crew looks on as Ron Read (Director of Photography) works to get the best angle while shooting Phil•a•del•phi•a.

I don’t want to lay too many details because I highly encourage everyone to watch the short film. It never makes it clear whether or not these extra-dimensional creatures harm their victims, or safely take them to another dimension, or something much worse. The underlying tone of the soundtrack and the overcast skies on the day of filming could imply a negative outcome, but it is never made clear.

The short film got its name from the historical origin of the compound Greek word that makes up the word philadelphia, with Biblical references, coming from the name of a city in Asia Minor mentioned in the book of Revelation, but more so from the Greek transliterated word phileo, “to love” and adelphos, “brother”, there for translating to “brotherly love”.

That’s really what the story is all about, as the two brothers show their love for one another by never leaving each others’ side, the older brother protecting the younger and the clear they’ve made to each other to keep silent to protect each other. You learn in the film that the older brother watched their mother get taken by the sound-seeking creatures, so in the heightened fear of the post-apocalyptic setting, they are all each other have.

“So what’s really cool about what we did here is that none of us have actually made a short film,” Broadway said. “But we’ve all had our various parts of doing film, or storyboarding, or costume design.”

B160 Films — which takes its name from the model name of the old, beat up truck you’ll see in the film — is made up of Broadway (writer/director), Ron Read (Director of Photography/Editor/Sound Designer/Colorist), Jedediah Irwin (Costume/Production Designer), Kris Kampmann (Storyboard Artist), Brock Dority (Camera Operator “Behind the Scenes”), Kara Irwin (Grip), Ethan Nicholson (Grip), and  Chase Ramsey (Actor), who are all residents of Paris.

Broadway (writer/director, in red) stands against the B160 truck where they got the film crew’s name, as photography directory, Ron Read dials in another view on the set of Phil•a•del•phi•a.

When the film crew enter Phil•a•del•phi•a into a national competition called My Rode Reel, hosted by world renowned microphone company, Rode Microphones, who knew what would happen? It was their first short film. The truth is they received excellent scores from the judges who named them a finalist for ‘Best Soundtrack’, ‘Best Cinematography’, and ‘Judges’ Film Prize’. The judges also tagged the film one of their personal picks, which is a highly esteemed award, considering there were well over one thousand entries into the contest.

“I basically saw this competition — I think through Facebook or something — and I instantly thought of my buddy, Broadway, and that we’re always talking about making a film, but we’ve never actually sat down to like map out ‘let’s make a film,” Ron Read said. “So, I think I just instantly sent him the link and we kinda just made a ‘let’s do it’, and that’s how this film got started.”

Read said that the crew spent over six weeks in preproduction working on the script, really attempting to create a script that was worth telling and for a movie that people would actually want to watch. After such long preproduction, Phil•a•del•phi•a was shot entirely in less than 24 hours (not county postproduction — editing, sound design, etc.).

“One of the neatest things about this experience was the community of people that came together to make this film happen,” Read said.

Be sure and watch the short film. It truly is a work of art, deserving to be a finalist in all categories. Remember, this was shot right here around Paris by our very own Parisians.

The short film stars:

  • Chase Ramsey as Ronon (older brother)
  • JJ Shurbet as River (younger brother)
  • Alvis Broadway as an Elderly River

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