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PCT gearing up to perform 'Run for Your Wife'

Rehearsals are currently underway for Paris Community Theater’s production of “Run for Your Wife”, a hilarious British farce, written by playwright, Ray Cooney, which had audiences rolling in the aisles in London and New York.

It’s about a taxi driver, who gets away with having two wives in different areas of London because of his irregular working schedule.  Everything that could go wrong, does, as the cabby tries to keep his double life from exploding. Hilda Mallory is directing this production.

18ae16758f5f3bf63b0e8675dcbcbd4eThis fast paced, rollicking comedy is full of laughs as the cast attempts to go through their daily routines. The action takes place in the home of John and Mary Smith in Wimbledon and in the home of John and Barbara Smith in Streatham.  Primarily, the main set, which is the lounge of a modern flat, “doubles” for both homes. Throughout the play, action will be taking place simultaneously in each of the flats, but the inhabitants of each flat are, naturally, oblivious to the others. John seems to be missing since he does not turn up where he is supposed to be, and both wives become so anxious that they contact the police in their respective section of London. In fact, he had an altercation with some rowdies and ends up in the hospital. He is taken to his home in Wimbledon by Detective Sergeant Troughton, where he discovers that he has lost a lot of time and memory. Enter his up-stairs neighbor, Stanley Gardner, who becomes embroiled in John’s attempts to keep his secret life from unraveling.

The cast includes John “Terry” Bull as John Smith, the taxi driver; Sherry Scott as Mary, the first wife; Becki Wisenhunt as Barbara, the other wife; David Fielding as Stanley Gardner, the upstairs neighbor of John and Mary, who unwittingly gets drawn into the complications; Jim Hamaker as Detective Sergeant Troughton; Charlie Thompson as Detective Sergeant Porterhouse; Justin Gallant as Bobby Franklyn, the flamboyant up-stairs neighbor of John and Barbara; and Audrey Faires as the Reporter.

Stage crew includes Betsy Mills as Assistant Director; Justin Gallant as Stage Manager; Audrey, Faires Assistant Stage Manager; Josh Maxwell, Technical Director; and Charlie Thompson, Set Construction.

“The play is a little risqué,” director, Hilda Mallory, said. “Suggestive, with sexual innuendo, filled with mistaken identities, sight gags and enough comic lines to fill an encyclopedia of humor, but it might not be suitable for everyone. It is not offensive, just full of fun for everyone.”

“Ameriprise Financial is sponsoring “Run for Your Wife,” Mallory said. “We are really grateful to Thomas Callaway and James Callaway, financial advisers at Ameriprise, for taking the interest in our theater and helping bring this production to our many friends and theater lovers.”

Play dates are March 21-23 and 27-30 at the Plaza on the Square. For more information, call the PCT office at 903-784-0259 and reserve your seats.

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