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Southwestern Watercolor Society Art Show opens at Plaza Gallery

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Paris is filled with picturesque locations and scenery, just waiting to be painted. While location is essential for painting a work of art, perhaps what’s most important is the artist’s ability to capture and showcase the beauty of any location. Whether you possess a love for art or an appreciation for all that Paris has to offer, come by the Plaza Gallery downtown tonight and check out the Southwestern Watercolor Society Art Show!

The work on display is a collection of watercolor paintings created by members of the Southwestern Watercolor Society. Joe W. McCord is Chairman of the Plaza Art Guild. According to him, the paintings will be “plein air,” meaning “in the open air” or, in other words, paintings that represent the outdoors.

“The theme is ‘Paint Paris’,” he said. “Almost all of the watercolors are pictures of Paris landmarks, historic Paris buildings and residences, and other recognizable places in Paris, TX.”

Helen Short is a member of the Plaza Art Guild and Paris Art Study Club. According to her, signature member and past president of SWS, Walt Davis, personally brought the collection, which was hung for display this past Saturday morning. Davis undoubtedly has a strong presence in the art community, so his involvement is not something to be overlooked.

“He was curator of exhibits at the Dallas Museum of Natural History for fifteen years,” Short said. “[He] is also scheduled to demonstrate at the March 26 meeting of the Paris Art Study club.”

Of course, no art show is successful without the help of everyone involved.

“All of the members of our art guild contribute their time and resources toward making every show successful,” McCord said. “This includes organizing shows, advertising for shows, and the actual planning and providing of our own catering to each event we have at the gallery.”

Approximately 15 artists’ works will be displayed and available for public viewing. McCord hopes that a good turnout will lead to more frequent art shows in the future.

“Hopefully, a strong showing of viewers will bring the event through on a regular basis, once in the spring, and once in the fall,” he said.

The show will run from March 6th to March 28th, but the opening show will be held tonight from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 8 West Plaza. This show is guaranteed to be unique. Not only does it forever preserve Paris on paper, but the scale is something to be noted. According to McCord, a typical art show is usually only for one featured artist, whereas Paris has the honor of being represented by over a dozen beautiful works of art.

“We are excited that this show is of many artists, and that the paintings will be pictures of our own town,” McCord said.

The hearts and dedication of many went into planning this show, so it’s okay to have high expectations: you will not be disappointed.

By Courtney McNeal, eParisExtra

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