Temperatures in the 80s for the rest of week

After several days of sweltering heat — daily in the mid to high nineties — a cold front is moving over our area, leading meteorologists to forecast the rest of our week to consistently be in the eighties. That to many will be a cool delight (pun intended).

sunshine_roadIt will start to decrease slowly, with the high today at 88° F, according to www.weather.com. The morning and late evening will lower down toward the sixties. It will stay the same on Wednesday with the high at 88°.

Thursday is when it will get the coolest. Another cold front will sweep through our area bringing the high to only 80°, however, will also bring (as of right now) the potential for severe thunderstorms and a 70% chance of rain, according to meteorologists.

That threat of storms will continue through Friday with a 40% chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms, although the temperatures will remain much lower than they have been, with the high Friday predicted at 82° and the low, 67°.

The cold front and rain chance will be moving out of our area by the weekend, and with that, an increase in temperatures, back to what we’ve been seeing. Saturday will warm up to 88°. Then Sunday the high is 92°, and Monday it will be back up to 95°, with lows in the seventies.

According to the National Weather Service, the remainder of next week looks to maintain mid to high nineties.

This forecast report is based on the time of this writing, so as can commonly happen with the weather, this may change. Stay tuned to eParisExtra.com for weather updates and the severe storm potential on Thursday, as we will be monitoring the forecasts for our area and will keep you posted.

By Josh Allen, eParisExtra

Chance of rain continues throughout the week

Heavy rains and thunderstorms bring a slight possibility of some localized flooding to areas of Northeast Texas today, as meteorologists have predicted a 70% chance of rain for much of Tuesday, with strong to severe storms possible in the afternoon and evening hours.

Extra_Logo_Slider_SizeThese storms may be capable of producing flash flooding and the slight possibility of severe weather, meteorologists said.

According to a ‘Hazardous Weather Outlook’ issued by the National Weather Service on Monday, a flash flood watch will continue through Tuesday afternoon.

The outlook also states that thunderstorm chances will continue for the remainder of the week for areas east of I-35, and depending on the amount of rainfall that is received, localized flooding may still be a concern across areas of northeast Texas through the weekend.

The main threats associated with the storms predicted for this afternoon — should they become severe — are gusty winds, heavy rainfall, spotty hail and lightning. The heavy rainfall is the largest concern, however, it could bring much needed relief to those areas in the plains experiencing drought conditions.

The National Weather Service’s Storm Prediction Center said in a ‘short range forecast discussion’ on Monday that the heaviest and most organized area of precipitation should be across eastern Texas and Louisiana on Tuesday.

This system will shift eastward into the upper Mississippi Valley by Wednesday morning, bringing the chance of rain and thunderstorms down to 20% for our area on Wednesday (30% on Wednesday night).

On Thursday the thunderstorm chance will increase to 40%.

Currently, Friday and the weekend have roughly a 20-30% chance in the forecast.

By Josh Allen, eParisExtra 

Weekend weather report

Extra_Logo_Slider_SizeWith rain and thunderstorms as frequent as they’ve been so far this Spring, it would seem almost expected to report more coming. Although there certainly will be more this year, it won’t be this weekend, so if you have outdoor plans, this will be a good time, as there looks to be plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.

The high predicted for Saturday is just shy of 80° F, while the morning and nighttime low will be just under 60°. Sunday doesn’t look to change much — high: 78°, low: 60°.

To start next week, meteorologists with the National Weather Service have predicted even warmer temperatures with partly cloudy skies and sunshine. The high for Monday looks to be around 83° with a low of 64°. Tuesday is about the same.

As of the time of this post, there is little to no chance of rain through Tuesday.

Stay tuned to eParisExtra.com for more weather updates as they become available. Enjoy your weekend.

Warm temperatures return for the weekend; chance of storms on Easter

While last weekend’s cold front brought a round of severe thunderstorms on Sunday and near freezing temperatures to start this week, the coming weekend looks to be different, yet slightly similar to last week.

eParisExtra photo by Josh Allen

eParisExtra photo by Josh Allen

The good news is, the temperatures do not look to drop as they did last week — maintaining temps in the seventies for this weekend — however, the bad news is, there is a chance for scattered thunderstorms on Easter Sunday, with a slight chance of some severe.

It’s still a bit early to tell at what time the storms will come through our area on Sunday, but as of the time of this writing, there is a 50% chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms.

According to meteorologists with the National Weather Service, whereas there may be a few strong thunderstorms return to our area, there does not appear to be a threat of any kind of severe weather outbreak at this time.

Predictions and forecasts can change, so there could be little to no storm activity on Sunday or there may be more than anticipated at this time. eParisExtra will monitor the forecasts from meteorologists and keep you informed.

So far it looks like the system that could potentially bring thunderstorms will be to our west and in the panhandle area of Texas, Oklahoma and parts of Kansas on Saturday, moving east. This will likely put the storm system in northeast and east Texas, southeast and central Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas sometime on Sunday through Sunday night.

This storm system does not look, at this time, to be extremely severe, but could put a damper on some Easter plans and egg hunts with rainy conditions, but let’s hope not.

On a good note, it looks to be warmer — even less windy — than it has been this week for the Easter weekend, starting on Good Friday with a high predicted at 75° and a low of 52°. Saturday, 76° for the high and just under 60° for a low, and Easter Sunday the high is 75° and the low 61°, although there is that 50% of rain and storms on Sunday.

Next week looks to be mostly in the high seventies and eighties.

Keep an eye on eParisExtra.com for more Easter weather updates as the day gets closer.

By Josh Allen, eParisExtra 

Warm weekend in the forecast; chance of severe storms on Sunday

Well it looks like Saturday will be warm and nice — cloudy, but nice. The high temperature is predicted to be 79º, with a low of 61º. However, according to meteorologists with the National Weather Service, Sunday brings a potential for severe thunderstorms and a 70% chance of rain, with a high of 72º and the low, 62º.

This image outlines the threat area for Sunday's potential severe storms, where hail and damaging winds are the main concerns. (Photo from www.weather.com)

This image outlines the threat area for Sunday’s potential severe storms, where hail and damaging winds are the main concerns. (Photo from www.weather.com)

As a low pressure cold front brings cooler temperatures over our moist and warm atmosphere on Sunday, thunderstorms will likely begin popping up over a large area that includes central and east Texas and parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Illinois.

Some of these storms have potential to be severe, with the main threats being damaging winds and large hail, although a few tornadoes cannot be ruled out. Currently, meteorologists are not expecting this to be a severe weather outbreak.

Excessive, localized rainfall are also expected with these storms, so some flash flooding is also a concern.

The storm system will progress east on Sunday night through the first of next week, triggering storms in parts of the southern gulf states.

After the storm pushes through to the east, our area will be left with cooler temperatures next week:

  • Monday – High 57º; Low 39º
  • Tuesday – 63º; 38º
  • Wednesday – 66º; 47º
  • Thursday – 69º; 51º
  • Friday – 70º; 55º (30% chance of rain on Friday)

These temperatures are a forecast from Friday and could change. Make sure and watch the thunderstorms on Sunday, as there is a chance for some to be severe. eParisExtra will monitor the weather and keep you informed if there is any imminent danger in the forecast.

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By Josh Allen, eParisExtra