New city manager and wife are introduced at Monday night’s meeting of the Paris City Council; three new council members-elect also attend

The City of Paris’ new city manager, John Godwin, and his wife, Stacy, were introduced at Monday night’s meeting of the Paris City Council. Godwin’s first official day as manager doesn’t begin until the middle of next week, but he and his wife came as visitors Monday night. They joined current members of the council — plus three who will be sworn in next week — on a one-hour tour of some facilities at the beginning of the meeting. ( photo by Charles Richards)

From left, the Paris City Council’s three newly elected members — Aaron Jenkins for District 1, Cleonne Holmes Drake for District 6, and Sue Lancaster for District 2. They were interested onlookers from the audience during Monday’s council meeting and will be sworn into office next Monday. The only items on Monday’s meeting will be canvassing of Saturday’s election results, swearing-in of these three and John Wright to office, and election by the council among themselves of a mayor and mayor pro-tem for the next year. ( photo by Charles Richards)

Gina Prestridge, the new executive director of the Paris-Lamar County Health Department, met the city council party as they arrived Monday night on the first stop of an hour-long tour of city facilities for which changes are contemplated. ( photo by Charles Richards.)

Mayor AJ Hashmi led current and newly elected members of the Paris City Council through the Paris-Lamar County Health Department during an hour-long break from Monday night’s city council meeting. The trash baskets on the floor are there to catch water dropping through leaks in the ceiling. A new home is being sought for the health department, and the council is considering an expansive remodeling of the old police department building at West Eighth Street and Bonham as a possible new location. Pictured (l. to r.) are councilman Dr. Richard Grossnickle, councilman Matt Frierson, councilwoman-elect Cleonne Holmes Drake, Hashmi, councilwoman-elect Sue Lancaster and citizen John Fuston. ( phogo by Charles Richards)

The tour included a stroll down SW Third Street alongside the city’s farmers market. Attention was directed to the skateboard park, which the city council is considering moving in order to utilize the area for farmers market-related activities. From left are Mayor AJ Hashmi, councilman Dr. Richard Grossnickle, city manager John Godwin, citizen Keith Flowers, Stacy Godwin, and councilman John Wright. Some distance behind them are city attorney Kent McIlyar and councilman Matt Frierson.  ( photo by Charles Richards)

The tour also took the city council group, traveling in two buses, to Walker Park on the city’s west side, south of Shiloh Street between west 14th and west 18th streets. The city, as part of its efforts to help west Paris, is contemplating special beautification attention to Walker Park. The park is already different in that it has a “frisbee golf course,” and Mayor Hashmi would like to move the downtown skateboard park to Walker Park. From left are city manager John Godwin, Keith Flowers, Stacy Godwin, councilman Joe McCarthy, finance director Gene Anderson (shielding his eyes from the sun), public works director Ron Sullivan, and Hashmi. ( photo by Charles Richards)

There was little likelihood that Paris police were going to pull this tour bus over during the city council party’s tour of various facilities. The bus driver was the police chief himself, Bob Hundley. Also shown, from left, are half of citizen Ray Banks, city finance director Gene Anderson, and outgoing city councilman Joe McCarthy. About 25 people made the tour on two buses. This bus is the one used by the police S.W.A.T. team, and the other was the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce shuttle bus. The tour buses ended their tour by driving by two or three “notorious” blocks where police say drug trafficking is a problem. Mayor Hashmi is suggesting a greater police presence, possibly including parking a manned police car 24 hours a day in specific targeted locations. ( photo by Charles Richards)

Campaign finance reports: Scott Cass outpaces Johnny Williams almost 4-to-1 in contributions for sheriff’s race


Scott Cass

Lamar County chief deputy sheriff Scott Cass has raised almost four times as much as former DPS trooper Johnny Williams in the race for Lamar County sheriff and also has outspent him 2-to-1, according to required campaign finance reports the two have filed with county elections administrator Russ Towers.

Through his last report, dated April 7, 2012, Cass reported 130 cash contributions of $50 or more for a total of $46,922, covering a period from Nov. 17, 2011 through April 21, 2012.

Williams, in his last report, dated April 30, 2012, listed a total of $12,100 in cash contributions from a total of 30 individuals or businesses, covering a period from July 2, 2009, through April 11, 2012.

The third candidate in the race, former deputy Robert Hughes, announced early on he would fund his campaign without outside money. He filed a report on Dec. 11, 2011, showing no contributions and no campaign expenses over $500.

Cass’ donor list is headed by eight contributions of $1,000  or more – Dr. Amanda Holmes $5,100, Danny and Miriam Smallwood $5,000, Larry Townes $5,000, Jim Ferguson $1,500, Cody West $1,500, Brad Drake $1,000, Sharon Eubanks $1,000 and Mike Taylor $1,000.

Cass also received 32 “in-kind” contributions valued at $6,108, including items that were auctioned away at campaign events.

Johnny Williams

Williams’ largest cash donors are Ronnie Abbott and Jimmy Barham, who gave $3,000 each. Mark Buster gave $1,000, and Bo and Liz Exum, Harper Corp. Services, and Mark McDowell gave $500 each.

Abbott sent $100 a month to the Williams campaign from September 2009 through April 2010, followed by a contribution of $2,000 in April of last year.

Richey Hayes of Owasso, Okla., and Real-Tex Equipment gave Williams $300 each, and Century 21 Harvey Properties, Renee Harvey Inv., George H. Williams and Carl Cecil gave $250 each. Mike Morgan, Brad Hughes Ranch and Joel Peace contributed $200 apiece, and Richard Bercher gave $150.

Williams’ largest donor was Keith Flowers, owner of Dollins Bail Bonds, who gave $6,855.22 worth of “in kind” donations –  4×8 signs valued at $2,664.46, 18-inch by 24-inch yard signs valued at $2,140.76, and $2,050 worth of advertising.

Cass reported $22,413 in campaign expenditures, with two-thirds of the expense — $14,853 — going for campaign cards and materials, but mostly signs . The campaign placed 11 different orders with Professional Printing Services of Paris.

The Cass campaign spent $887 for advertising, $214 for postage, $95 for web design, $1,303 for hats, shirts and aprons, $1,360 for gasoline (travel around the county), and $1,613 for “event expense,” including $800 to the Paris Rodeo and Horse Club to sponsor bronc riding at a rodeo.

Williams reported $10,331 in expenditures, with more than half of it ($5,305) going for advertising. He spent $1,225 with the Coupon Connection, $1,110 with The Paris News, $900 with LMAO Comedy Productions, $860 with the Paris Rodeo and Horse Club, $600 with Kiwanis Club Pancake Days, $240 with Discover Outdoor Advertising, $250 with the NETSEO Trails Council-Boy Scouts, $200 with Hometown Media (, $100 with TV 99, and $100 with Shoppers Edge.

Part of Williams’ sign needs were accommodated by Flowers’ in-kind donation. Williams spent $130 with Professional Printing Services, $644 with SCS Graphics, and $920 with Forrest Signs.

Williams’ campaign for 2012 began not long after he narrowly lost to McCoy in the 2008 sheriff’s race. The first donation was $25 from Lamar County Court-at-Law Judge William Harris on July 2, 2009. The monthly donations from Abbott began two months later.

Largest in-kind contributions to the Cass campaign were $936 from Jason Oliver of Velma, Okla., (set of tires), $700 from Tom Wagnon (two billboards), and $600 from Anthony Signs (two banners for billboards).

Cass began his campaign on Oct. 13, 2011, with a $200 donation from his campaign treasurer, J.B. Bankhead, and the $1,000 contribution from Brad Drake.

Before the end of October, he got $1,000 from Sharon Eubanks, $400 from Hack Blankinship, $250 from Cole McDaniel, and $100 each from David House, Ben Holland, and David Wooldridge. In mid-November, Cody West gave $1,500.

More than half of Cass’ contributions came from campaign events on Nov. 17, 2011, and Feb. 9, 2012.

At Cass’ kickoff reception on Nov. 15, Cass received $15,131.50 in cash and almost $4,400 in in-kind contributions, such as items that were auctioned off at the event. At a meet-and-greet event on Feb. 9 at Chicota, Cass received $11,635 in cash and $1,210 of in-kind contributions.

Holmes, Amanda 3134 Speegleville Rd, Waco $5,100.00
Smallwood, Danny and Miriam P.o. Box 1149, Powderly $5,000.00
Townes, Larry P.O. Box 729, Lewisville, AR $2,500.00
Townes, Larry P.O. Box 729, Lewisville, AR $2,500.00
West, Cody 2351 Farm Road 1506, Paris $1,500.00
Ferguson, Jim 1659 U.S. 271 S, Paris $1,500.00
Drake, Brad 3215 Abby Lane, Paris $1,000.00
Eubanks, Sharon 229 CR 24790, Brookston $1,000.00
Taylor, Mike Darnell Drive, Paris $1,000.00
Davis, Wesley W. P.O. Box 33, Cunningham $990.00
Woodfin, Johnny Mack P.O. Box 277, Brookston $800.00
Dority, Ricky 2735 Meadow Lane, Paris $565.00
Ferguson, Jim 1659 U.S. 271 S, Paris $547.50
Davis, Roy L. Real Estate P.O. Box 96, Cunningham $500.00
Farmer, Brenda 89 CR 35725, Powderly $500.00
Nash, Gary 645 Johnson Woods Dr., Paris $500.00
Chapman, Cody 3520 Darrell Drive, Paris $500.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Dr., Paris $500.00
Blankinship, Hack 8494 FM 137, Paris $400.00
Farmer, Pete 89 CR 35725, Powderly $400.00
Sessums, Tommy 4411 Parker Rd, Wylie $370.00
Woodfin, Dora 2665 Hubbard St., Paris $340.00
Bryan, Bobby Gene Jr. 370 1st St. NE, Detroit $325.00
Wolf, Chad FM Road 4105, Detroit $325.00
Bethea, Carrie 1130 Levi Lane, Paris $300.00
Chadwick, Jim FM 197, Arthur City $300.00
McDaniel, Bradley C. 1572 CR 35020, Brookston, TX $260.00
McDaniel, Cole 1572 CR 35020, Brookston, TX $250.00
Wagnon, Tom 800 Shady Grove Rd., Paris $250.00 $700.00 2 billboards
Foster, Hayden Jr. 17325 FM 197, Arthur City $250.00
Kirkland, Betty 625 Twin Oaks Pl, Paris $250.00
Miller, Articus 328 Hideaway Lane Central, Lindale $250.00
Airwaves Communications 4801 Lamar Ave., Paris $250.00
Bankhead, J.B. 3240 Clark Lane, Paris $200.00
Boren, Marilyn 600 CR 22920, Paris $200.00
Oliver, Kenny 3251 Allen St., Paris $200.00
Harper, Holland 1040 31st St. SE, Paris $200.00
Foster, Eldon 15002 FM 197, Arthur City $200.00
Quinn, Matthew 870 40th St. SE, Paris $200.00
Sullivan, Sarah 2665 Hubbard, Paris $200.00
Woodfin, John Mack 2665 Hubbard St., Paris $200.00
Wilson, Donald 3110 Stacy Lane, paris $200.00
Hoenig, Velda P.o. Box 161, Brookston $200.00
Drake, Richard 6290 U.S. 271-N, Paris $200.00
Figano, Chad 105 FM 1499, Paris $190.00
Sharrock, Rusty 3807 CR 33900, Powderly $190.00
Braudaway, Staci CR 14760, Paris $150.00
Bynum, Jo Ann P.O. Box 93, Ratliff City, OK $150.00
Zant, Rick Highway 24, Paris $150.00
Mitchell, Rebecca LeAnn P.O. Bos 570, Blossom $150.00
Whitten, Tommy P.O. Box 6415, Paris $150.00
Rickman, Glenda 3871 FM Road 1497, Paris $140.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Drive, Paris $140.00
Woodfin, Dora 2665 Hubbard St., Paris $130.00 $343.97 Banners, signs
Barham, La Fawn 820 Paradise Dr., Paris $130.00 $250.00 Napkins, paper towels,
Barham, Courtney 820 Paradise Dr., Paris $130.00
Barham, Jerrell 820 Paradise Dr., Paris $130.00
Barham, Jimmy 820 Paradise Dr., Paris $130.00
Barham, Reagan 820 Paradise Dr., Paris $130.00
Horton, Reggie 805 CR 35810, Arthur City $130.00
Dority, Ricky 2735 Meadow Lane, Paris $125.00
Chadwick, Tuesday, M.D. 2870 Lewis Lane, #218, Paris $115.00
Bankhead, J.B. 3240 Clark Lane, Paris $110.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Drive, Paris $100.00
Holland, Ben 915 Cope Drive, Paris $100.00
Wooldridge, David Robin Road, Paris $100.00
Bynum, Jo Ann P.O. Box 93, Ratliff City, OK $100.00
Amis, Richard P.O. Box 352, Paris $100.00
Bassano, Pat 14000 Farm Road 197, Arthur City $100.00
Carpet World 2115 NE Loop 286, Paris $100.00
Cooper, Frank 44 CR 44300, Paris $100.00
Cooper, Harley 44 CR 44300, Paris $100.00
Duke, Martha P.O. Box 224, Roxton $100.00
Oliver, Terry 519 CR 44750, Blossom $100.00
Sansom, Scott 3640 FM 195, Paris $100.00
Walls, Chester Dwayne 2596 CR 34020, Brookston $100.00
Scott Kennedy Insurance 516 N. Collegiate Dr., Paris $100.00
Forrest, B.D. 1025 Van Zandt St., Paris $100.00
Miller, Stacy P.O. Box 1153, Paris $100.00
Gray, Bennie Wilburn Drive, Paris $100.00
Young, Ryle 117 CR 44200, Powderly $100.00
Dority, Ricky 2735 Meadow Lane, Paris $100.00
Blankinship, Hank 8495 Farm Road 197, Paris $100.00
Chadwic k, Jim P.O. Box 235, Powderly $100.00
Chadwick, Sandra P.O. Box 6, Powderly $100.00
Creighton, Bo 234 CR 14700 $100.00
Figano, Chad 105 FM 1499, Paris $100.00
Larry Slagle Construction 466 Timberbrooke Ct., Paris $100.00
Nelson, Jim 920 N. Main St., Paris $100.00
Parson, Jimmie 15794 FM 1499, Arthur City $100.00
Preston, George 16 Clarksville St., Paris $100.00
Puckett, Karl 340 33rd St. NE, Paris $100.00
Sharrock, Marty 310 CR 45430, Paris $100.00
Yoder, Toby Yoder Construction, Paris $100.00
Oliver, Gary 9900 Prosper Drive, Okla City $100.00
Hostetler, Charles 3205 Bonham St., Paris $100.00
Sharrock, Rusty 3807 CR 33900, Powderly $90.00
Horton, Reggie 802 CR 35810, Arthur City $80.00
Vanderburg, Bunney 12995 FM 906 E, Paris $80.00
Yolieiious Yogurt Shop Chisum Shopping Center, Paris $79.00
Wood, Steven Key 357 CR 13400, Paris $75.00
Weems, James 2067 FM 1184, Paris $75.00
Jenkins, Kevin 27 CR 33200, Sumner $75.00
Hocutt, Sherri FM 1497, Paris $70.00
Martin, Lisa 39 CR 44300, Powderly $65.00
Johns, Linda 4373 FM 906, Arthur City $60.00
Slagle, Jene P.O. Box 80, Chicota $60.00
Dickey, Byron Craig 2680 Hubbard St., Paris $55.00
Wintermute, Joann FM 195, Paris $55.00
Sharrock, Rusty 3807 CR 33900, Powderly $55.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Drive, Paris $55.00
Drake, Del 2501 Simpson, Paris $50.00
Drake, Del 2501 Simpson, Paris $50.00
Lawson, La Vone 19th St. SW, Paris $50.00
Foster, Weldon 1205 15th St., Paris $50.00
Farmer, Pete 89 CR 35725, Powderly $50.00
Figano, Chad 105 FM 1499, Paris $50.00
Horton, Reggie 802 CR 35810, Arthur City $50.00
Ball, Ray 1406 FM 1499, Paris $50.00
Carmichael, Tracy P.O. Box 156, Chicota $50.00
Chadwick, Jim P.O. Box 235, Powderly $50.00
Denelsbeck, Shannon 219 Deer Valley Dr., Powderly $50.00
Holt, Edwin 7238 CR 36550, Arthur City $50.00
Kraft, Wally U.S. 271-South $50.00
Orr, Jack 2315 FM 906 E $50.00
Hoskins, Delvin 2059 CR 2127 N., Detroit $45.00
Cooper, Ed FM 2290, Paris $40.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Drive, Paris $40.00
Kraft, Wally U.S. 271-South $40.00
Palmer, Lloyd Powderly $40.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Dr., Paris $30.00
Miller, Lanny 585 CR 36950, Arthur City $30.00
Carmichael, Tracy P.O. Box 156, Chicota $25.00
Brown, Glen 3340 FM 197, Arthur City $25.00
Conder, Bruce 4291 FM 3298, Powderly $25.00
Frye Living Trust (Kathryn) P.O. Box 96, Chicota $25.00
House, David 625 Sherwood Drive, Paris $20.00
Tuley, Minna P.O. Box 73, Roxton $20.00
Lollar, Angie P.O. Box 181, Roxton $10.00
Kernell, Rose Bunker Street, Paris $5.00
utensils, trash bags
Oliver, Jason P.O. Box 207, Velma, OK $936.00 set of Firestone tires 1245 75 R 175
Anthony Signs Paris $600.00 2 banners for billboards
McCoy, B.J. 2221 FM 2648, Powderly $320.00 160 T Posts
Woodfin, Johnny Mack 2665 Hubbard St., Paris $275.00 50 lbs. Black Angus hamburger
Pickens, Vickie 2455 N. Main St., Paris $250.00 cups, bowls, lids for 500 people
House, Lisa 625 Sherwood Dr., Paris $250.00 Balloons for Chicota
Paul Lester Wrecker Svc 3025 S. Church St., Paris $250.00 Paper goods for Chicota
Tae Kwon Do USA 1680 Clement Rd., Paris $200.00 2-month membership
Rogers, Casey 1211 19th NW, Paris $150.00 Kickoff announcements
Paris Fitness & Aquatics 950 E. Austin St., Paris $129.90 3-month membership
Chadwick, Jim P.O. Box 235, Powderly $120.00 Three Mike Hammer tickets
Brazeal, Kim 279 CR 14820, Paris $100.00 fee for Kickoff
Haynes, Bill and Rita 187 CR 33850, Paris $100.00 Building rental
Krogman Sand and Gravel 2975 S. Church St., Paris $100.00 gift certificate
Curvino, Eva Stillhouse Road, Paris $100.00 Pictures for Chicota
Fox Photography 325 CR 32240, Sumner $100.00 Pictures for Chicota
Paul Lester Wrecker Svc 3025 S. Church St., Paris $100.00 Tea for Chicota
David’s Meat Market 425 N. Collegiate Dr., Paris $95.70 30 lbs., ground meat
McCoy, B.J. 2221 FM 2648, Powderly $77.35 postage & envelopes for Kickoff
Paris Texas Photo 10 1st St. NE, Paris $75.00 photography session
Torres, Patti CR 32240, Sumner $75.00 two business card sets
The Fish Place P.O. Box, Pecan Gap $56.00 Buffet for four
Professional Printing Services 325 CR 32240, Sumner $54.13 100 two-sided fulll-color cards
Hicks Muffler 1635 Bonham St., Paris $50.00 gift certificate
Weezy’s Restaurant 204 W. Front St., Blossom $50.00 Two $25 gift certificates
Don’s Tex-Mex Cocina 10115 U.S. 271-N, Powderly $50.00 Brisket
Don’s Tex-Mex Cocina 10115 U.S. 271-N, Powderly $50.00 Brisket
Don’s Tex-Mex Cocina 10115 U.S. 271-N, Powderly $50.00 Pork Ribs
Don’s Tex-Mex Cocina 10115 U.S. 271-N, Powderly $50.00 BBQ Ribs & Sauce
Knives and More 1702 E. Price St., Paris $45.00 two knives
Knives and More 1702 E. Price St., Paris $45.00 red case knife
Knives and More 1702 E. Price St., Paris $45.00 Yellow case knife
Holmes, Stephen 530 33rd St. NE, Paris $45.00 three red aprons
Apex Supply Co. 1680 NE Loop 286, Paris $25.00 Two-handle faucet
Torres, Patti CR 32240, Sumner $25.00 printing services, cards
Borderline Café 9786 US 271N, Powderly $24.00 two steak dinners
Briscoe, Pam 125 Brown Ave., Paris $20.00 Flower arrangement
Borderline Café 4784 U.S. 271, Powderly $12.00 pie
Borderline Café 4784 U.S. 271, Powderly $12.00 pie
Swaim Hardware 240 1st St. SW, Paris $10.00 Flashlight

Flowers, Keith 305 1st St. SW, Paris $6,852.22 (in-kind for signs,
Barham, Jimmy 1105 1st St. SW, Paris $3,000.00
Abbott, Ronald People’s National Bank, Paris $3,000.00
Buster, Mark P.O. Box 5399, Paris $1,000.00
Exum, Bo and Liz 907 Firehouse Rd., Powderly $500.00
Harper Corp. Services 222 E. Hickory St., Paris $500.00
McDowell, Mark 2630 FM 79, Paris $500.00
Hayes, Richey 10217 N. 143rd E. Ave, Owasso, OK $300.00
Real-Tex Equipment 132 CR 33980, Powderly $300.00
Airwaves Communications 4901 Lamar, Paris $250.00
Century 21 Harvey Properties 2350 Lamar Ave., Paris $250.00
Harvey, Renee Inv. 2350 Lamar Ave., Paris $250.00
Williams, George H 4120 Oleander, Paris $250.00
Cecil, Carl 305 Lamar Ave., Paris $250.00
Morgan, Mike 2275 River Oaks, West Columbia, TX $200.00
Hughes, Brad Ranch 13405 FM 197, Arthur City $200.00
Peace, Joel 123 CR 43240, Paris $200.00
Bercher, Richard 5060 Sunset View, Paris $150.00
Bond, Howard Holly 120 Hideaway Lane, Powderly $100.00
Cope, Larry 5486 FM 2752, Sumner $100.00
Weiberg, Doug and Jan 292 CR 43320, Paris $100.00
Collins, William D. 350 CR 12350, Paris $100.00
Hodgkiss, Judy 2835 Oak Creek, Paris $100.00
Cunningham, Billy E. 6020 Pine Mill Rd, Paris 75462 $100.00
Hatcher, Johnny 678 CR 12200, Paris $100.00
Gant, Bill P.O. Box 4, Paris $100.00
Click, Joanne 6106-B Shadow Valley Dr., Austin $50.00
Rainey, Benton 3613 Aspen Dr, Paris $50.00
Simms, Michael and Annie 31235 FM 2648, Powderly $50.00
Harris, William H. 3211 Cleveland St., Paris $25.00
Harris, Stephanie Ayers 3211 Cleveland, Paris $25.00




Jenny Wilson wins seat on the Paris ISD school board


Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson won a seat on the Paris Independent School District board of trustees Saturday, defeating Trase Christian 101-14.

The seat was actually uncontested, since Christian was declared ineligible well before the election — but too late to stop the election. He lived in District 6 last year, but redistricting earlier this year put him in another district, and the error wasn’t discovered right away.

Had Christian received the most votes, the school board would have treated it like any other vacancy. The board would have had to call a special election for next November or appoint someone to fill the seat.

She will fill the Place 6 seat on the board now held by board president Dave Eisele, who opted not to run for re-election.

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Stephens, Osborne win re-election to North Lamar school board


Amy Stephens and Dave Osborne have been returned to new 3-year terms on the North Lamar Independent School District board of trustees.

They were running along with Jimmy Womack for the two seats.

Stephens received 235 votes (40.03%), Osborne 233 votes (39.69%), and Womack 119 votes (20.27%).

There is no runoff. Whichever two candidates received the most votes are elected.


Curtis Fendley, Ginna Walker Bowman win berths on PJC regents


Curtis Fendley

Curtis Fendley and Ginna Walker Bowman regained seats on the Paris Junior College board of regents Saturday in one of the livelier elections for the college in years.

Fendley defeated Paul Gene Roden by a vote ofr 594 (59.7%) to 401 (40.3%), and Bowman beat Barney Bray by a vote of 233 (62.8%) to 138 (37.2%).

Roden is completing his fourth 6-year term on the board, the last 12 years of that as chairman.

Bray was appointed to the board six months ago to fill the unexpired term of Rachel Braswell, who resigned. Bray was running for a full term.

Both Bowman and Fendley had served on the PJC regents previously. Bowman had to leave the board when she moved out of her district after the death of her husband, Dr. Larry Walker, several years ago.


District 6    
Early Vote 176 94
Mail-In Vote 0 0
Saturday 57 44
FINAL VOTE 233 138
  62.80% 37.20%
District 1    
Early Vote 17 19
Mail-in Vote 0 0
Saturday 18 4
TOTAL, DIST . 1 35 23
District 2    
Early Vote 13 11
Mail-in Vote 0 0
Saturday 9 4
TOTAL, DIST . 2 22 15
District 3    
Early Vote 37 31
Mail-in Vote 0 0
Saturday 18 13
TOTAL, DIST . 3 56 44
District 4    
Early Vote 51 52
Mail-in Vote 0 1
Saturday 19 18
TOTAL, DIST . 4 70 71
District 5    
Early Vote 39 21
Mail-in Vote 0 1
Saturday 16 1
TOTAL, DIST . 5 55 23
District 6    
Early Vote 178 88
Mail-in Vote 1 0
Saturday 60 42
TOTAL, DIST . 6 229 130
District 7    
Early Vote 91 78
Mail-in Vote 0 0
Saturday 36 17
TOTAL, DIST . 7 127 95
FINAL TOTAL: 594 401
  59.70% 40.30%