Tourism director sends “a million thank yous” to those who made 30th Anniversary Tour de Paris a success

The Lamar County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Director, Becky Semple, sent in to a letter that she’s written to thank the many volunteers and individuals that work so diligently and tirelessly each year to make the Tour de Paris a success.

tour-de-paris-2013This year, according to Semple, the event — which also celebrated its 30th anniversary — was a “grand success”.

This year’s Tour de Paris bicycle rally was held on Saturday, July 19, and began at 8am. The in-town route had been changed from previous years in an attempt to avoid most of the railroad tracks.

Cyclists from all over came to participate in the race, which had four routes available — the 35K (20 miles), the 60K (35 miles); the 90K (57 miles) or the 110K (68 miles). The race started and finished at the Love Civic Center, giving participants the chance to see the wonderful scenery that Northeast Texas has to offer.

On all routes there were friendly rest-stops (made possible by the many volunteers and sponsors that this ‘thank you’ letter is being extended to) located at different points along the way, giving riders the opportunity to enjoy a free, homemade hamburger, water and fruit smoothies.

A special Spaghetti Supper was held for the cyclists on the Friday evening before the Tour de Paris started.

For more information about the Tour de Paris, visit the website at or visit the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce website,

The following words are written by Semple to extend some much needed and public gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of those that made possible the successful event that brings so many to Paris each year.

A million “Thank Yous” for making our 30th Anniversary of Tour de Paris such a Grand Success!!

To the most WONDERFUL and DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS in the world!

We are so grateful to all of you and many more for all you did to make the 30th Anniversary of Tour de Paris Bicycle Rally a tremendous success!!

You spent months helping us prepare and finalize plans for his great event!

You made sure every cyclist was safe!

You worked on signage, and then you put out signs in town and all over the county. You made sure the cyclist knew every step of the way how to go!

Then you went back and made sure the signs were ok, and then you took them down!

You worked on streets and county roads filling pot holes and sweeping off gravel!

You cut low hanging limbs that might deter a cyclist on their ride!

You covered railroad tracks to keep flats from happening on 4th and Washington!

You put out many, many barricades!

You worked on the Trails both in Paris and Reno to make them safe!

You ran up and down the route all day until every cyclist was in!

You sponsored this event and made generous donations in product and monetary support!

You marketed our event to cyclists in your data base all over Texas and beyond!

You helped us to pre-register cyclists days before the event!

You donated goodie bags!

You donated neat items from your businesses for the goodie bags!

You stuffed the ‘goodie’ bags!

You helped set up the Civic Center for Tour de Paris for days and days!

You played music downtown and they loved being in a parade!

You honored us by coming a long distance to present the colors of our nation!

You held the American flag to wave proudly as every cyclist entered downtown!

You stood in the streets, and while protecting the cyclists you cheered them on!

You provided communication stations at every rest stop and other locations to keep track of how things were going!

You smiled and greeted each cyclist at registration and helped him or her in a timely manner both on Friday night and early Saturday morning!

You prayed for their safety!

You cut up fruit and arranged the refreshments before any cyclist reached your stop!

You took supplies to the rest stops and watched for weary cyclists!

You managed a Rest Stop, and you smiled, waved, and greeted each and every one even if they didn’t stop! They were impressed with that I will assure you!

You made your rest stop unique and fun!

You picked up, and brought back supplies and then returned many items that were borrowed!

You fixed flats!

You tenderly nursed a scraped knee!

You furnished dozens and dozens and dozens of the best cookies anywhere, and they were ALL appreciated!

You promoted and talked about the rally for months!

You took brochures to other rides around Texas and other states!

You helped with jerseys and socks, and sells were good!

You made a delicious chicken spaghetti supper for cyclists and volunteers to enjoy with all the trimmings!

You cooked a pancake breakfast for Champions!

You made fruit smoothies!

You grilled hundreds of hamburgers!

You made the hamburgers to order for each cyclist and volunteer, and we hope you got too eat one too!

You organized, counted and recounted and folded hundreds of shirts!

You followed cyclists all the way in to the finish!

You stayed after all had left and helped to clean up!

You continued to help sort through and return items on Monday and Tuesday of this week

You gave many hours of your precious time to make this event the best ever!

We heard many, many compliments through out the day Saturday, and from Melissa, Gina, Judy, Randy, Kem, and myself, we are truly grateful for YOU because YOU are the reason why people love to come to Paris and participate in Tour de Paris year after year!

God bless you ALL!

Becky :)

“Can-Can Follies” to Benefit Lamar County Meals on Wheels

meals on wheelsThe Lamar County Meals on Wheels is doing a new & fun fundraiser called “Can-Can Follies.”  This fun event will be Friday, August 8th and Saturday August 9th at the Paris Junior College Theatre.

The “Can-Can Follies” will feature well-known people from the Paris community participating in a series of hilarious skits. Some of those participating include Kenny Dority, Eddie Clement, Greg Wilson and  District Attorney Gary Young.

The skits are all set to music; however there is no singing involved, instead everything is lip synced.

The skits consist of everything from Pee Wee Herman to Elmer Fudd to the Blues Brothers. In these very humorous skits, participants are encouraged to be downright goofy to support a very good cause.

The approximate 2-hour show will begin both nights at 7pm.  Tickets are $35 for adults and $20 for students.
To purchase a ticket, or for information on how to volunteer, contact us at (903) 784-2580.

Meals on Wheels is committed to ending senior hunger and provides meals to the seniors of Lamar County.



Back-to-School Shot Clinics

vaccineStudents can attend one of the four low cost, back-to-school shot clinics available through the Paris-Lamar County Health District.

The first shot clinic is tomorrow, July 19th at 10am.  The next shot clinic is the following Saturday, July 26th. Followed by one on August 2nd and the final one of August 9th. All shot clinics are from 10am-2pm and will be held at the Paris -Lamar County Health District building, located at 400 West Sherman Street.

No appointments are needed, but the child must be 18 years old or younger and a parent must be with the student. Students must also have a shot record with them. Health department officials encourage parents not to wait until the last minute to get their kids shots.

To participate in the shot clinic, the child’s vaccines cannot be covered by insurance. Medicaid, as well as private pay, are accepted. The cost is $5.00 per child.

If you have any questions, call (903) 785-4561.

Canaanland Church Hosts “UNASHMED” Youth Conference

UnashamedThe Canaanland Church in Reno will be hosting a youth conference next week, July 20-27th, titled “UNASHAMED.”

The speakers for the week include Daniel Norris (7/20); Joe Oden (7/21), Chase Stogsdill (7/22), JW Davidson (7/23 & 24) and Josh Radford (7/25, 26, & 27).

Service times are Monday-Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 6pm.

The Canaanland Church is located at 7055 Lamar Road in Reno.

For more information call (903) 783-1720 or

Walk with a Doc Scheduled for Tonight

Walkers at Dragon Park at the 1st "Walk with a Doc" this past April

Walkers at Dragon Park at the 1st “Walk with a Doc” this past April

Another “Walk with a Doc” is scheduled for tonight at 6pm at the Trail de Paris, Collegiate Entrance.

Walk with a Doc is a nonprofit program that has 148 chapters, mostly in the U.S., offering free 30- to 45-minute doctor-led walks in parks and malls. The goal is to encourage people to exercise and be healthy. The Lamar County chapter was started this past spring.

For more information visit