Chisum ISD announces recipients of Teacher of the Year award

Chisum ISD has announced the recipients of this year’s Teacher of the Year Award.  The recipients are Elementary Teacher of the Year, Sandy Deupree (left), and Secondary Teacher of the Year, Julie Swaim.

Both are natural choices for the award spending many dedicated years to teaching children — over thirty between the two of them (Over 10 years for Swaim and around 20 for Deupree).

Teacher of the Year, Sandy Deupree, and Secondary Teacher of the Year, Swaim

Teacher of the Year, Sandy Deupree, and Secondary Teacher of the Year, Julie Swaim.

Secondary Teacher of the Year, Julie Swaim, who teaches English I at Chisum High School, has the personal philosophy for teaching that, ‘…you must make a connection with the students’, she stated in her Nomination Form for Teacher of the Year to the Texas Rural Education Association.

“I wholeheartedly believe that if I stand at my door and greet each student as they enter my classroom with a smile and a positive comment, they will feel good about themselves and my class,” she went on to say in her application.

Learning and knowing the personalities of each and every student that goes through her door, while teaching them, is her goal as an educator.

Since winning Chisum ISD’s Secondary Teacher of the Year — likewise for Sandy Deupree with the Teacher of the Year award win — both of the ladies will be added to the nomination list for both Texas Rural Education Association’s Teacher of the Year and the Texas Teachers of the Year awards.  The winners of these two prestigious awards will be announced by May 1st.

When asking for Sandy Deupree’s philosophy of teaching children she says, ‘If student’s cannot learn the way we teach, then we must teach the way they learn.’

“Rural schools have many benefits.  Our school is like a family,” stated Deupree, who was a Chisum Elementary teacher for 15 years before becoming a licensed Dyslexia Therapist, now practicing that for the last 3 years at Chisum ISD.  “Not only do we know our students, we know the students in the other classrooms and all the teachers work together to provide the best education possible.

“I’ve always heard it takes a village to raise a child,” she continued in her application to TREA, “This is what rural education is all about.”

Both teachers are loved by their students and the Chisum ISD staff.

“Teachers of the Year are nominated and voted on each year by their peers,” stated Principal Tommy Chalaire.

Chisum ISD & Cross Branch Cowboy Church join forces to establish a working arena

Chisum Independent School District (CISD) and Cross Branch Cowboy Church closed the 2012 school year by joining forces to afford greater opportunities for young people in the Paris area.  Soon, portions of the CISD campus will receive a “face lift” as Cross Branch Cowboy Church has agreed to complete and establish a working arena.

This photo was taken at the signing of the agreement between Chisum ISD and Cross Branch Cowboy Church.  Shown (left – right):  Archie David (Lay Pastor), Jim Newsom (Trustee), Tim Couch (Pastor) of CBCC; and, Lori Collins (CISD Board Member).

This photo was taken at the signing of the agreement between Chisum ISD and Cross Branch Cowboy Church. Shown (left – right): Archie David (Lay Pastor), Jim Newsom (Trustee), Tim Couch (Pastor) of CBCC; and, Lori Collins (CISD Board Member).

Through the use of this arena, CISD and Cross Branch Cowboy Church hope to provide students and others in the community with fun and educational alternatives such as an equestrian-style “5th Quarter” following ballgames, basic horsemanship classes, “Jackpots” and Junior Livestock Shows, play days, and a rodeo club.

The objective of this new found partnership is to promote responsibility, courage, and overall self-esteem in young people through training and exposure to a variety of activities involving horses and livestock.  It is believed that as 4H and FFA have aided in the development of responsible and productive citizens in our community, this venture will likewise serve to better the children and Lamar County at large.

Work is currently being planned and scheduled with anticipation of the initial phases of development being completed prior to the end of the spring semester, thereby allowing for the start of arena-related activities before the end of the current school year.

Expect additional public notices with further development.

Pinning Ceremony for Chisum ISD Faculty Members

Chisum ISD staff members received service pins during the Faculty End of the Year Celebration on Friday, May 25.  Faculty members who received pins are:

Barbara Forrest – 35 years

Judy Espy and Lynda Zant – 25 years

Pam Tribble and Deborah Bolton – 20 years

April North, Kathy Cook, Connie Barnett, and Pam Howser – 15 years

Amy Ball, Kim Hamil, Clint Miller, Cheryl Roddy, and Judy Mason – 10 years

Jeremy Moss, Katherine Cass, Terri Hutto, Amy Johnson, Billy Hill, Casey Rogers, and Jeff Rogers – 5 years.

5 Year Pins

10 Year Pins

15 Year Pins

20 Year Pins

25 Year Pins

35 Year Pin

Technopalooza hits Chisum ISD

Technology is all around us — at work, at home, even in the car. To show the community the sort of impact technology makes in the classroom, Chisum Independent School District held a Technology Showcase on Thursday.

Or, as the teachers liked to call it, “Technopalooza.”

“They’re taxpayers. They’re paying for this. Sometimes, you like to see where your money’s going,” Casey Rogers, the elementary school’s technology coordinator said.

“As parents, they should be aware of what opportunities we’re giving their children. Our vision is to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world. The world is digital. What were w doing to prepare the children for that?”

Teachers and students at Chisum Elementary School held presentations in various classrooms to show off their techno-savvy.  Topics included:

  • Apple iPads, which the schools use for a variety of subjects, including organizing lessons, schedules, and information; taking pictures and videos of classroom activities; and provide extra practice on academic skills.
  • Dance mats similar to the game Dance Dance Revolution, which can be used in reviews and extra practice as a more kinesthetic means of learning a variety of subjects.
  • Skype, a web conferencing software that can be used to help students connect with others around the world.
  • Interactive tablets and smart boards, which allow teachers and students to interact with a single computer via wireless technology and a projector.
  • Game Star Mechanic, a Web site that allows students to create educational games. CISD fifth graders are in a national competition that will land free laptops for the winning school.
  • The use of Flip Cameras, QR codes and other new forms of technology.

The middle and high school presentations included multimedia classes, mobile labs, calculator and smart board interaction and more.

They even covered software packages available to students, such as Office 2010.

“It’s important to the district that we have the most current version so the kids are ready for what they will see when they leave here,” Rogers said.




Chisum School Nurse Recognized by State Health Services

Chisum Elementary School Nurse, Kay Landers, received commendation from the Texas Department of State Health Services for being an outstanding provider of Texas Vaccines for Children.  Kay received a certificate and trophy for her excellent efforts in providing vaccinations and maintaining outstanding records.