Lamar County Sheriff Bookings

sheriffNunez, Michael Scott, Driving While License Invalid; Failed to Maintain Financial Responsibility

Pruitt, Robby Ray, Theft Property>=$50<$500; Driving While License Invalid; Reckless Damage or Destruction

Thompson, Bobby Joe, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Bowman, Faye Marie, CCC/Theft Property 50-500

Petkus, Jill Ann, MTAG/Poss CS PG 1<1G; MTAG/Accident Involving Damage to Vehicle; MTAG/Poss of Dangerous Drug

Kirby, James, Franklin, MAN/DEL CS PG 1>=1G<4G

Reynolds, James Franklin, MAN/DEL CS PG1<1G (3 counts); Unl Poss of Firearm by Felon; Violation of Parole

Galloway, Ronnie Lee, JNISI/Theft Property<1500 w/2 more prev; BW/Theft Property<1500 2/more

Perry, Richard Dee, Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member

Pitts, Jonathan Lee, MTAG/Accident Involving Injury

Washington, Sedarious Lequann, Harrassment

Mansfield, Matthew Scott, MTAG/Criminal Trespass

Salazar, Juan Jose, Sexual Assault Child


In nine hours, detectives make seven drug arrests in three rooms of Paris motel

Police Department Car_sliderWithin nine hours, local law enforcement officers went into three motel rooms in the 2500 block of North Main Street in Paris and arrested seven individuals after drugs were found, Paris Police Department spokesman Curtis Garrett said Tuesday.

  • About 3 p.m. Monday, Paris police detectives executed a search warrant on a room and arrested Joe William Acevedo, 29, of Paris on charges of possession of marijuana and of manufacturing or delivering a controlled substance, and Stewart Wayne Buckner, 22, of Powderly on charges of possession of a controlled substance. Two women were arrested and charged with Class C misdemeanors.
  • In a separate incident, Paris police detectives made contact with Nicky Joe Hignight, 53, of Paris and found him in possession of methamphetamine. While officers were attempting to take him into custody, he began kicking at the officers, Garrett said. He was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance and of resisting arrest.
  • About 1 a.m. Tuesday, Paris police and Lamar County Sheriff’s office detectives made contact with Kimberly Dawn Centeno, 43, and Stephanie Ann Williamson, 43, both shown to be living at the same address in Dallas. Williamson was found to be in possession of about two ounces of crystal methamphetamine, and Centeno was found to have an outstanding felony warrant out of Kaufman County, Garrett said.

In the 24-hour period ending Tuesday morning, Paris police officers responded to 96 calls, resulting in 11 arrests, Garrett said.

Charles Richards, eParisExtra

Paris Police Arrests 4/21

paris police carAcevedo, Joe William, 29, MAN DEL CS PG 1>1G<4G

Buckner, Stewart Wayne, 22, POSS CS PG 1<1G; Possession of Drug

Hignight, Nicky Joe, 53, POSS CS PG 1<1G; Resist Arrest, Search or transport; Possession of Drug; Poss of Dangerous Drug

Lopez, Eberardo, 25, Disorderly

Mansfield, Matthew Scott, 22, Motion to Adjudicate

Piland, Heather Nicole, 23, Possession of Drug; Speeding; Motor Vehicle Inspection

Rogers, Kevin Dewayne, 28, Disorderly

Sanders, Jermaine Dejuan, 39, Violate Promise To; Speeding

Williams, Keith Lanelle, 34, Seat Belt Violation (2 counts)


Lamar County Sheriff Deparment Bookings

sheriffMartinez, Johnny, CCC/Poss Marij <2oz; CCC/Theft Prop 50<500

Zaavedra, Guillermo Prado, Theft Prop >=20<$500 by check

Humphrey, John Paul, CCC/MTR/PI W 3 or more convictions

White, Quinton Dee, Del Marij<=5lbs>1/4 oz

Edwards, Christine, Violation of Parole

Campsey, James Barry, MTR: resist arrest, search or transport; MTR: Driving While Intoxicated/open alcohol container

McCann, Shane, Violation of Parole

Carrasquedo, Jesus Ramos, Man/Del CS PG 1>1G drug free zone; poss marij>4 oz<5lbs drug free zone

Aragon, Ulises, MTR/Driving While Intoxicated w/ child under 15; CPF/Parent Contributing to nonattendance (2 counts)

Davis, Destin, Viol of Occupational Driver’s License; Child Not Secured by Safety Seat

Berry, Robert Allen, Viol of Parole

Johnson, Allison Rana, Man/Del CS PG 1>1G Druf Free Zone; Poss Marij >4oz<=5lbs Drug Free Zone

Totty, Samantha Diane, Theft Property $50<$500

Frazier, Victoria R., Theft Property >=$50<$500

Landis, Haley, Theft Property >=$50<$500

Hensley, Karlie Michelle, Theft Property >=$50<$500

Smith, John Robert, Criminal Trespass

Hickson, Kasherri Deonsha, CCC/Mtag/Theft of Property>=$50<$500

Todd, Jermey Wayne, CCC/Poss Marij<2oz

Norman, Shadrick Jerome, CCC/Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Member

Earls, Kendrick Derrell, Viol Bond/Protective Order

Williams, Christopher Dion, MTR/Injury to Child/Elderly; Fail to ID Fugitive Intent Give False Info; Evading Arrest Detention; Poss Marij <2oz

Peek, Brandy Renae, Failed to Maintain Financial Responsibility

Reasno, Michael, Theft Property >=$50<$500

Smith, Dwan Bernard, Driving While Intoxicated

McCann, Jonathan Ray, Fail to Comply with Sex Offender Registration

Pollock, Lashanda Driving While License Invalid; Open Container; Driving while Intoxicated; Driving w/Lic Inv w/ prev conv/ susp/w/o fin res; Failed to Maintain Financial Responsibility; Fail to Identify Giving False/Fict info; Fail to Appear

Taff, Dalton Alan, Unlawful Carrying Weapon (3 counts); Poss Marijuana<2 oz

Scales, Kendra Dashann, MTR/Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse

Sims, Timothy DeCarlos, BS/Theft Property<$1500 2/more previous convictions (2 counts0


Paris Police Arrests over Easter Weekend

paris police carParis Police Officers made 16 arrests over the weekend while responding to 302 calls for service.

A call was made regarding a sexual assault involving a 14 year old victim. The suspect was arrested close to the scene and is charged with sexual assault of a child.

Johnathan McCann was arrested on a warrant charging him with failing to report his address as required as a sex offender.

A traffic stop for failing to stop for a stop sign ended with a felony arrest on parole violation warrant out of Texarkana for Credit /Debit Card abuse. Kendra Da’shann Scales was transferred to Lamar county jail.

Timothy Decarlos Sims was arrested on two felony bond revocation warrants after officers questioned him during a response to a family disturbance.

Another traffic stop ended with a felony arrest and evading charges. Officers stopped a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. The driver, Christopher Dion Williams gave a false name and as officers were investigating he fled on foot.  A short chase ensued with officers taking him into custody.  Williams had an outstanding warrant for felony Injury to a child.  He was also charged with evading arrest and possession of marijuana.

All arrests made by the Paris Police Department from Friday through Sunday include:

Allen, Jeffrey James, 42, Running stop Sign; Speeding

Aragon, Ulises Alatriste, 27, Driving While; Parent Contributing to (2 counts)

Berry, Robert Allen, 27, Parole Violation Warrant

Carrasquedo, Jesus Ramos, MAN DEL CS PG 1>1G Drug free zone

Earls, Kendrick Derrell, Viol Bond/Protective Order

Ebbs, Ivan Lee, 31, Public Intoxication

Edwards, Christine, 52, Parole Violation Warrant

Gentry, Victoria Rose, 33, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Gibson, Hayley Brooke, 20, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Groves, Bronc Ples, 56, Possession of DRug

Hensley, Karlie Michelle, 21, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Howard, Taylor Brooke, 18, Theft Under $50

Humphrey, Vincent Patrick, 29, Fail to Maintain

Johnson, Allison Rana, 20, MAN DEL CS PG 1>1G Drug Free Zone

McCann, Johnathan Ray, 29, Sex Offenders Duty To Register

McCann, Shane Lee, 26, Parole violation Warant

Mitchell, Roderick Devon, 26, Fail to Maintain

Peek, Brandy Renae, Fail to Maintain

Reasno, Michael Lynn, 17, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Salazar, Juan Jose, 25, Sexual Assault Child; Public Intoxication

Scales, Kendra Da’shann, 34, Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse

Sims, Timothy Decarlos, 39, Theft Property<$1500 2/more (2 counts); Possession of Drug

Smith, Sydney, 26, Theft Under $50

Tapp, Dalton Alan, 19, Unl Carrying Weapon (3 counts); Possession of Marijuana<2oz

Totty, Samantha Diane, 35, Theft Property>=$50<$500

Williams, Christopher Dion, 26, Injury Child/Elderly/Disabled w/ int; Fail to Identify Fugitive Intent; Evading Arrest Detention; DEL Marijuana<=1/4oz

Wyatt, Tanga Yontria, 23, Theft Under $50

Zaavedra, Guillermo Prada, 44, Fail to Maintain; Motor Vehicle Inspection; Fail to Display Driver’s; Fail to Appear Non-Traffic