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Region 14 men's and women's basketball tournament schedule and bye scenarios

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Coaches, players and fans soon will be able to start filling in the brackets for the Region XIV basketball tournament Tuesday through Saturday of next week at the UT-Tyler Herrington Patriot Center.

Of the 14 men’s teams in Region XIV, the 12 teams with the best records will advance to the Region XIV tournament at the Herrington Patriot Center on the UT-Tyler campus.

The top two teams in each zone receive first-round byes, with the eight other teams playing on Tuesday to provide an eight team field for Thursday’s quarterfinals.

San Jacinto (14-3) and Lamar State-Port Arthur (13-4) have locked up the two byes in the South Zone, since third-place Lee (10-7) is too far back.

With the regular season ending Saturday, both North Zone byes are up for grabs and tonight’s game could clear the air, with Trinity Valley, Paris and Navarro all in the running for the two byes.

Here are the five key North Zone games remaining in the regular season, and what is at stake:

  • Navarro (12-5) at Tyler (7-10), 7:30 p.m. today
  • Paris (14-4) at Panola (4-13), 7:30 p.m. today
  • Bossier (4-13) at Trinity Valley (14-3), 7:30 p.m. today
  • Tyler at Kilgore (13-5), 4 p.m. Saturday
  • Trinity Valley at Navarro, 4 p.m. Saturday

The best Kilgore or Navarro can finish is 14-5, which is the worst that Trinity Valley or Paris can do. Trinity Valley or Paris gets a bye with either a win or a Navarro loss. Kilgore can’t get a bye because of what two losses to Paris did to their tie-breaker chances.

region14logoTRINITY VALLEY’S magic number is 1. A win over Bossier tonight or a loss by Trinity Valley either tonight or Saturday would give Trinity Valley a bye. If both Paris and Trinity Valley win tonight, both would get byes. But if Trinity Valley then lost on
Saturday to Navarro, Paris and Trinity Valley would finish in a tie for the North lead at 15-4, and Paris would get the higher seed because the Dragons and Cardinals went 1-1 against each other, but Paris went 2-0 against Kilgore and 1-1 against Navarro, while Trinity Valley went 1-1 against Kilgore would have gone 0-2 against Navarro..

PARIS gets a bye if the Dragons beat Panola, or if either Trinity Valley or Navarro lose tonight. Paris could lose tonight and still win a bye if either Kilgore or Trinity Valley win on Saturday. The one scenario Paris would fail to win a bye is if Trinity Valley wins tonight but loses Saturday to finish at 15-4, Paris loses tonight to finish at 14-5, Navarro wins out to finish at 14-5, and Kilgore loses to Tyler, failing to become part of a three-way tie at 14-5. The only way Paris does NOT get a bye is if the Dragons finish in a two-way tie with Navarro behind Trinity Valley.

In order for Navarro to get a bye, it must beat both Tyler and Trinity Valley, and either Trinity Valley must also lose to Bossier or both Paris and Kilgore must lose their final game. If Navarro and Trinity Valley win tonight and Paris loses, Paris would still get a bye no matter who wins the Trinity Valley-Navarro game on Saturday so long Kilgore beats Tyler on Saturday to make it to either a 2-way tie with Paris, a 3-way tie with Paris and Navarro, or a 4-way tie with Navarro, Kilgore and Paris. The Dragons would get the bye by virtue of Navarro and Kilgore going 1-1 against each other, Kilgore and Trinity Valley going 1-1 against each other, and Paris going 2-0 against Kilgore.

There is no scenario in which Kilgore can win a bye. The Rangers lose out in a 2-way tie with Paris because the Dragons won both games with Kilgore; against Trinity Valley because they went 1-1 against each other, and Trinity Valley did better than Kilgore against Paris; and against Navarro because they went 1-1 against each other and Navarro swept Trinity Valley. In a four-way tie, Paris and Navarro get the byes.

Of the 10 women’s teams, the eight teams with the best record will be be seeded 1 through 8, and the team with the eighth-best record will play Coastal Bend in a play-in game for last spot in the tournament.

Quarterfinals in the women’s bracket will begin at 1 p.m. Wednesday and continue at 3 p.m., 6 p.m., and 8 p.m.

Here is how the five men’s teams with a chance for a bye have fared against each other:

Trinity Valley (14-3) — 1-1 vs. Paris;  0-1 vs. Navarro (one game still to be played); 1-1 vs. Kilgore; 1-0 vs. San Jacinto; 1-0 vs. Lamar St.PA.

Paris (14-4) — 1-1 vs. Trinity Valley; 2-0 vs. Kilgore; 1-1 vs. Navarro; 1-0 vs. San Jacinto; 0-1 vs. Lamar St.-PA.

Navarro (12-5) — 1-0 vs. Trinity Valley (one game still to be played); 1-1 with Paris; 1-1 with Kilgore; 1-0 vs. San Jacinto; 0-1 vs. Lamar St.-PA.

San Jacinto (13-4) — 0-1 vs. Trinity Valley; 0-1 vs. Paris; 0-1 vs. Navarro; 2-0 vs. Lamar St.-PA.

Lamar State-Port Arthur (13-4) — 0-1 vs. Trinity Valley; 1-0 vs. Paris; 1-0 vs. Navarro; 0-2 vs. San Jacinto.

By Charles Richards, eParisExtra

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