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Local esthetician offers alternatives to medical skincare treatment

Few things are more important in terms of how we define physical beauty than our skin. Whether our skin is oily or dry; whether there are some pimples or wrinkles we’d prefer to not have, the state of our skin has the power to make or break our self-confidence.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of skincare products exist on the market today, each promising to treat or cure whatever ails the consumer. However, not every product will work the same way for each person, if at all. So, how can we really know what works for us? Medical treatments are undoubtedly a viable option for many, but for those who wish to remedy their skin problems without surgical or other medical means, a visit to an esthetician is definitely something to look into.

DeannaSimply put, an esthetician is an expert trained in the cosmetic treatment of skin. When faced with skincare issues, many may automatically turn to a dermatologist. While the two may work together if necessary, their specialties are different. Whereas a dermatologist is a medical doctor who diagnoses patients, estheticians can help assess a client’s condition and offer alternatives to medical treatment, injections and surgery.

Luckily, anyone wishing to improve their skin without a doctor’s visit needs to look no further than Paris. Deanna Joplin has practiced as a holistic skincare practitioner in Paris for the past year, and currently operates independently through Red Roof Spa. Her specialties include anti-acne and anti-aging regimens and remedies.

Everything about a visit with Joplin is personalized. Whether you wish to rid your skin of stubborn acne or turn back the clock, she will work with you to discover which treatment option is best for you.

“I’m not a facialist. I’m not somebody you go to to get a relaxing skincare treatment,” she said. “I’m a person you go to if you want a marked difference in your skin.”

Each individual treatment generally lasts about 45 minutes, though the first visit generally runs longer due to patient assessment and education, according to Joplin. No matter what you go in for, however, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

The truth is, nobody wants acne. This affliction is generally thought to affect teenagers, but, sadly, not everyone outgrows it. Skin chemistry can change as a person ages, and so treatments and medications geared toward teenagers may prove to be ineffective against adult acne. No matter your age, Joplin can offer guidance on which products would be most effective, as well as various facial treatments.

“So, if you’re looking at anti-acne, we’re obviously looking to clear up the skin, to create remedies that are non-medical,” she said. “So, in other words, as an alternative to taking systemic medications, we use different services, different topical applications, chemical peels, [and] things like that to clear it up.”

Though acne can (even if rarely) affect people of various ages, specific skin conditions are more likely to occur the more a person ages. Wrinkles are probably the most common sign associated with aging, but, according to Joplin, the skin is affected both structurally and on the surface. Common structural changes include sagging skin, laugh lines, loosening jaw lines and overall lifting and plumping of the skin. Surface issues many may encounter include uneven skin tone, fine lines and lethargic skin. While changes in the surface and structure of the skin are unavoidable over time, through individualized assessment, Joplin can help combat them through the most effective means possible.

“…We use different skin care services, like micorcurrent face lifts, chemical peels, ultrasound, LED light therapy. What we’re looking to do is to affect either the surface of the skin, which would be wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores,” Joplin said. “Or the structure of the skin, which would be sagging jowls, folds, dark circles or bags…around the eyes. Just basically a lifting and toning of the whole face.”

Deanna2Many treatments involve surface treatment, but the path to healthy skin runs much deeper. In order to improve the outside as much as possible, we must also work on the inside. Knowledge of all that affects our skin- what we physically put on it, our diet, and our sleeping patterns- is essential. Through individualized consultation and assessment, Joplin can help provide you with vital information toward understanding your skin.

“…There’s a lot of lifestyle coaching that goes with what I do, and so there’s a lot of nutrition coaching, there’s a lot of supplementation coaching…” Joplin said. “You know, it’s about stress, it’s about sleep, it’s about juicing, it’s about different products that are safe, it’s about natural remedies, it’s about serums that we make together.”

There are many perks that come with working with Joplin-not only, as a client, do you have access to a professional skincare line, but you also get to be creative.

“[I] also work with clients to create their own products using ingredients for serums and masks that can be purchased at health food stores,” she said.

Anti-acne treatments range from $75-$100, while anti-aging therapy sessions can cost between $85 and $125. Clients who purchase sessions in a series will receive a discount. Though the number of visits is essentially at the client’s discretion, many may choose to continue treatment until their skin’s beauty reaches its full potential.

“And so, when people come to see me, it becomes part of their maintenance. When you have somebody that you use for your hair, and you see them every month, typically people will see me several times back-to-back-to-back until we get them where they want to be,” Joplin said. “Then after that, it’s a maintenance schedule. When they agree to see me several times, then they get discounts for series.”

Joplin also accommodates those who wish to change their skin on a more temporary level, and offers waxing (including Brazilian) and spray tanning.

So, whether you’re looking for an alternative to medical or surgical treatment or to receive invaluable advice toward understanding your skin, book an appointment with Joplin today! There’s no reason why you can’t be comfortable in your own skin.

For more information, contact Deanna Joplin at (903)436-1567

By Courtney McNeal, eParisExtra

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