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Physicians Choice Dialysis: With construction complete in Paris, facility looks to open 'in or around' April

Weakness, fatigue, loss of memory, swelling in the legs and/or feet, nausea, does not sound like a great way to start a Monday.  These are all signs — among other potential health concerns — of renal failure.  This is a growing diagnosis throughout America, Texas and the Paris area.

These patients seek out treatment as often as daily, but at a minimum of three times a week.  Treatment involves going to a dialysis center to have the toxins — in which your kidneys would typically filter out — removed by an artificial process known as dialysis.  At the dialysis facility patients spend anywhere from three to five hours, three days a week to sustain their lives.

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Physicians Choice Dialysis has completed construction of such a facility in Paris.  This dialysis facility has been designed with the patients comfort and quality of care in mind.

The facility, which will be opening in or around April 2013, will feature flat screen televisions, wifi connections, heated and massaging chairs, and state of the art dialysis equipment, all in a relaxing atmosphere.

From the developing stages, patient care and comfort, as well as the access to PCD’s award winning dialysis care, have been at the heart of this new facility serving the Paris area.

Physicians Choice Dialysis will also offer to the Paris area home therapies training.  This will allow patients to take control of their care.  Home therapies allow our patients to maintain their usual lifestyle with little to no modification.  Patients enjoy the flexibility of performing their dialysis treatments in the comfort of their own homes.  Frequently this allows the patient to return to work or any other usual daily activities with minimal interruption to their schedules.

PCD has partnered with local nephrologist to provide care in the Bristow area.  These nephrologists will come into the facility on a weekly basis to monitor the care of their patients, as well as provide consultations for patients in the area.  Their presence in the clinic will assure the patients receive the best in class service and care.

Currently patients in the Paris area — in order to receive care — must go to this life sustaining treatment late in the evenings, which puts a strain on many of the patients who may drive themselves, as well as patients who must utilize transportation assistance in order to get to their scheduled treatment time.  This presents a physical challenge to many patients.  Therefore, Physicians Choice Dialysis, based on the need in and around the Paris area, began developing and constructing the new state of the art facility in Paris.

Physicians Choice Dialysis of Paris has now completed construction.  However, prior to admitting most patients, the facility will need to be approved by a Medicare agency.  This approval may take anywhere from one month to six months depending on the patient need and agency availability.  The patient need is urgent.

If you are a dialysis patient in the Paris area and wish to reserve a chair in this new state of the art facility please contact us at 1-888-phychoice.

If you would like to set up a tour of the new state of the art facility please feel free to contact the local office at 903-783-3200 or stop in for a visit.

The clinic is conveniently located just across from the hospital at 860 NE Loop 286 in Paris.

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