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Reno Police Chief: the “long arm of the law” brings man to justice in Reno burglary case

Back in April, Reno police began investigating a burglary that occurred at the Reno Buggy bath after a man was caught on video taking money from the change machine, according to Reno Police Chief Matt Birch.

reno_police_sliderSince the investigation began, Reno Police Sgt. Jeremy Massey worked diligently trying to identify the suspect captured on video. After a few weeks, leads were eventually gained from state and national data sharing systems designed to assist law enforcement in solving crimes.

This information led Reno Police to a positive identification of the suspect and a warrant being issued for Eric Stokes, 28-years old, of Texarkana, Texas.

A week ago, police learned that Mr. Stokes was served with the warrant for ‘Burglary of a Coin Operated Machine’ and taken into custody in Waco, Texas. He was then promptly transferred back to Lamar County a few days later to face the charges for his crime.

“This is a classic example of the old saying, the ‘long arm of the law'”Chief Matt Birch said. “Folks may be able to run away from whatever they have done, but eventually it will catch up with them.”

Chief Birch added, “this is not the same case that was featured on CrimeStoppers back several months ago. This is a different case.”

Mr. Stokes is currently incarcerated at Lamar County Jail on $2,500 bond.

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