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Missing person found deceased

Russell Gage Kennedy was last seen at his residence at 10:30 p.m., saying that he was going to check his schedule at work. He left on foot, and he never returned home. (Submitted Photo)

Gage Russell Kennedy, 18, was found deceased Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. alongside a rail spur between the streets of 10th NW and W. Center, according to Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley.

“Mr. Kennedy was tentatively identified by a family member who came to the scene after seeing police activity,” Hundley said.

The party that called 9-1-1 to report the discovery had been walking down the railroad track as a shortcut, when she happened to see the body and ran home to call police.

With difficulty locating the body based on the information from the caller, officers asked her to return to the scene to direct them to the discovery.

“After walking the tracks with the caller for some time, the location of the body was found,” Hundley said.

The location was on the north side of the tracks, approximately 20 feet down an embankment. The area where the body was located was a thick grove of trees and underbrush, along with many tree limbs that had fallen to the ground during the ice storm, which partially blocked the view of the deceased’s location.

“Justice of the Peace Don Denison made the pronouncement and ordered an autopsy,” Hundley said. “There were no visible injuries to the deceased.

The investigation is continuing, police say.

Lamar Popmoney