Lamar County Sheriff’s Arrests 12/31/2013-1/2/2014

Ballard, Brandi Leona, 33, burglary of a vehicle, theft of firearm by felon, theft property .$1500<$20K, Burglary of a building

Jones, Brian Paul, 19, Driving while Intoxicated, driving with license invalid w/prev

Sikes, Clinton Ray, 31, Driving w/ license inv w/ prev; conv/susp/w/o/ fin res

Chelius, Paul David 31, Theft of Property>$20<$500 by check

Sorensen, Matthew Lee, 29, possession cs pg 1<1G; theft of property>$1500<$20K; BS/evading arresst w/vehicle

Armstrong, Sharie Gean,  53, CPF/DWLI

Hill, Billy Joe Jr, 46, Driving w/lic inv w/prev; conv/susp/w/o fin res

Mitchell, Chadise Wayne, Poss marijuana<2 oz

Lahman, Cassidy Lynn, 30, MTR/Fail to ID Giving False Information

Stuart, Derek James, 23, possession marijuana<2 oz

Suell, Larry K., 41, Driving while Intoxicated

Sanches, Beatris, 33, No driver’s license (when unlicensed); fail to stop (stop sign)

McCarty, Haylby, 18, CPF, Failure to Attend Schoolsheriff

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